They wanted David’s desires to be more natural.

One of the most interesting corrections made during the eighth episode of The end of us on HBO included the relationship and dynamic between Ellie (Bella Ramsay) and David (Scott Shepherd), a cannibalistic predatory preacher he encounters.

When I tried to find food and medicine to help the injured Joel (Pedro PascalIt turns out that two episodes ago, Ellie took her to David and his right-hand man James and shot her.Troy Baker). When James is sent to find a cure for Ellie, David invites him to sit down and talk – he sees this as an opportunity to get out of a situation out of his control and work it to his advantage.


In the game, shortly after Ellie and David meet for the first time, Ellie allows her to guard him when David helps her during a shootout with the infected. for the “zombie show”. The end of us kept the undead at arm’s length—it was never about them.

Troy Baker and Scott Shepherd
Image via HBO

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According to Mazin, the absence of the infected is partly due to a reluctance to add extra menace in the background when David is already creepy enough, but also because the show allowed the preacher to delve deeper into his manipulation of Ellie. depends. through his twisted games, he slowly reveals that his group found Joel and Ellie and stabbed Joel in the events of episode six, when Joel and Ellie killed one of David’s raiding party.

He feels like Ellie is controlling him the whole time. He was already attracted to her – he participated in the killing. He is a master manipulator, but he is in control the whole time. Back then, it was all about the world shrinking to two people in David and Ellie. David carefully creates a situation where Ellie leans forward and is not attracted to him, but he encourages her to be interested. In the game, this discussion takes place after David and Ellie fight off a bunch of infected. This is a very difficult match, so they are connected with a certain confidence due to the game. In the game you save each other. Here we need to build trust through conversation. The plot implications of the surrounding infection will affect the episode, so we need to talk about the dialogue. He allows her to make jokes, not take things personally, insult her. And then he says “but seriously” – and that’s when he knows he’s interested.

The end of us Concludes Sunday, March 12 at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max. check the trailer for the season finale down.