Caution! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Episode 9 and The Last of Us Episode II.The end of us Episode 9 wraps up Season 1 of the HBO adaptation with some great twists and turns. With the main plot The end of us Since episode 1 involving Ellie’s immunity and Joel’s mission to deliver her to the firemen, The end of us the finale comes full circle. After encountering various threats on their journey across the post-apocalyptic United States, Ellie and Joel finally reach Salt Lake City and the main base of the Firefighters.


At the beginning of The end of us Episode 9 Joel and Ellie enter downtown Salt Lake City to find a militia fighting for freedom. Ellie is still reeling from her traumatic experience with David The end of us End of episode 8, shows how open Joel is with Ellie, having moved past the need to hide the bond that has developed between the two. The finale is said to take its first turn after the firemen Joel and Ellie were previously captured The end of us Episode 9 ends with more twists and turns.

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Is Ellie Really Used to Treat Cordyceps?

Ellie character poster and Clicker screaming at Ellie, Joel and Tess from HBO's The Last of Us.

One of the biggest questions arises The end of us End of Episode 9 – Has a Cure for Cordyceps Really Been Developed? After Joel wakes up in the hospital, Marlene conveys to him the hopes of the fire chief surgeon. Marlene says that the surgeon believes Ellie’s immunity comes from cordyceps It’s been in her system since birth because Ellie’s mother, Anna, bit her during childbirth. This strain of cordyceps acts as a barrier of sorts.chemical messenger” this introduces any new cordyceps into his system – such as bites The end of us Episodes 2 and 7 – I think he’s already infected.

Marlene then explains that the surgeon plans to remove the cordyceps from Ellie’s system, grow the cells that act as chemical messengers, and create a vaccine to give these cells to the general population. The truth is that both Episode 9 and the original The end of us game it remains unclear whether a cure is actually possible. Why is that possible if possible, Ellie appears to be the first person in history to become immune to the infection, meaning that her immunity will provide further support to hopes of creating a cure.

On the contrary, it is clear from Marlene’s words that the Firemen are grasping at straws. Marlene stated that the surgeon “thinks“He can heal, even if he’s not sure it’ll work. The sad state of the world shows that if someone with an immune system like Ellie has even a small hope, any surgeon can at least tries to form. although there is a cure, it remains so The end of us End of episode 9 It’s intentionally vague about the status of the cordyceps cure, which ties in with the uncertainty viewers should feel about Joel’s controversial decision to save Ellie.

Why does Joel kill so many people and how does that set up Season 2?

Joel's Last Scene

Another question arises from this The end of us At the end of episode 9, why Joel kills all the firemen, the answer is relatively simple considering his whole character: Joel loves Ellie like his own daughter Sarah. After losing Sarah, Joel’s grief and 20 years of him becoming a cold, broken man, Ellie was the one who brought him back. Joel’s experiences with Ellie have led to her becoming a surrogate daughter, meaning he will do anything to overcome his “failures” to keep her alive and save Sarah and Tess.

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That’s why Joel kills everything Firefighters The end of us End of episode 9. When they try to kill Ellie to synthesize the cure, she promises to save him and kill them all so they don’t come after her. The decision is controversial, thus setting the stage for Season 2. The end of us Season 2 sees Joel killed five years later by the surgeon’s daughter, Abby The end of us Part 9. This, in turn, drives Ellie to seek revenge in a harrowing tale of how the cycle of love, loss, and revenge envelops the human mind in pure darkness.

Why Joel Lies to Ellie (Twice) Episode 9

Joel and Ellie

At the end of The end of us In the finale, Joel lies to Ellie on two separate occasions. First, he says there are many other immune-compromised people like him, and firefighters have stopped looking for a cure. our last’ Cordyceps As a result. Then, in the very last scene The end of us In Season 1, Ellie calls his bluff and asks him to swear that everything he says is true, which Joel does with minimal hesitation. Joel lies to Ellie because he is fully aware of the selfish nature of his decision.

It’s Ellie’s fault that she’s alive—Joel knows it—she’d obviously choose to do anything to cure Cordyceps. Joel knows this, but he made a decision for himself and saved her life, eliminating the possibility of healing due to his trauma and the incredibly understandable hesitation of losing another daughter. Joel also knows that if he tells Ellie the truth, she may never forgive him, which is a major plot twist. The end of us Season 2.

How The Last Of Us Episode 1 Foreshadowed Marlene’s Death

Character posters of Marlene and Joel for HBO's The Last of Us

Shortly after Joel drives Ellie away from the hospital, he kills Marlene, who has cornered her in a parking lot. This, along with the massacre of all the other firemen, was actually predicted by Marlene herself. The end of us Part 1. When Joel and Tess are asked to take Ellie, Marlene says “You’re all I have. And I know what you’re capable of. For better or for worse.” This establishes Joel’s ruthless nature as he proves Marlene right The end of us Episode 9 through his Firefly rampage at the hospital.

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What happens next for Joel and Ellie – Game SPOILERS

tlou Episode 6 - Joel and Ellie

Warning: This section contains SPOILERS for The Last of Us.With The end of us Season 2 has already been confirmed – based, of course The Last of Us Part IIThe answer to what happens next to Joel and Ellie can be found in the continuation of the original game. As indicated at the end The end of us Episode 9 Joel and Ellie return to Jackson to live as part of Tommy’s team. The end of us Season 2, if it really follows the events of the second game closely, opens almost immediately after that, with Joel telling Tommy the truth about what happened at the hospital.

Joel then becomes increasingly close to Ellie, who begins to distance himself from her as she grows increasingly suspicious of the lie. The Last of Us Part II — so HBO might have a season 2 TV video game adaptation – then jumps five years into the future. Joel and Ellie settled in Jackson, although their relationship was strained by Joel’s decision at the end of the first game. Joel is brutally punished for this decision as the surviving firemen track him down and kill him, setting off Ellie’s quest for revenge. The The end of us Season 2.

Here’s what we know about The Last Of Us Season 2

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay as Joel and Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us, next to a promotional piece for The Last of Us 2, which shows Ellie sitting in a tree playing guitar.

As far as is known The end of us Season 2 information is a bit sparse. Although Season 2 has been confirmed by HBO, a release date has yet to be announced. However, comments from co-authors Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin make this clear The The last of us Season 2 – maybe after Abby – follows the events of the second game. Likewise, Mazin revealed this in an interview The Last of Us Part II It will probably be bigger than one season of TV, meaning the story of the second game The end of us Season 3, although this has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

When you say The end of us Joel actor Pedro Pascal revealed some information in an interview that season 2 could start filming Collider. Pascal says Season 2 could begin production by the end of 2023, with Mazin and Druckmann currently hard at work on pre-production. our last’ second exit. With The is the last of us Episode 9 wraps up Season 1, maybe more to come HBO The last of us Season 2 During 2023.

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The Real Meaning of The Last Of Us Season 1 Finale


in an interview with Eurogamer shortly before publication The Last of Us Part IINeil Druckmann, the creator of both original games, clearly defined the original meaning Our last was and therefore the end of Our last season 1. Druckmann said our last’ the story is all about how far people are willing to go for someone they love unconditionally. In this case, Our last the finale is about how far Joel is willing to go to protect Ellie and the tough, moral gray areas that make him love her.

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