The following article contains minor spoilers for Episode 9 The last of us HBO series.

Neil Druckmann, co-author The last of usrevealed that Naughty Dog originally wanted to create a prequel game to explore the events leading up to the meeting between Joel and Ellie, before abandoning the project entirely. The last of us is one of the most popular video games of recent years, and a prequel would sell big if the project ever made it to the shelves.

Fans of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic franchise have long hoped for an additional backstory with the addition The last of us a prequel about the relationship between Joel and Tommy or one that could shed more light on what happened after Sarah’s death in the opening sequence of the original game. As the events of The Last of Us Part 1 Taking place 20 years after the start of the cordyceps pandemic, players were left with a lot of information when they started Joel and Ellie’s adventures, whether it was the backstories of the characters or everything else that happened when the world as humans knew it came crashing down.


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In a recent interview with the show Kinda Funny, Neil Druckmann revealed that Naughty Dog is considered The last of us a prequel dedicated to Ellie’s mother. This prequel could explain Ellie’s immunity to the cordyceps virus and her relationship with the Fireflies. This project was not developed directly by Naughty Dog, but by another studio represented by Druckmann Greg Miller, host of Kinda Funny. The The last of us even though the prequel was a good idea to shed more light on the characters’ pasts, it was eventually scrapped.


For Episode 9 of The last of us HBO seriesviewers discovered a pregnant woman named Anna, played by the original voice actress Ally Ashley Johnson. Anna gives birth to Ellie while being bitten by an infected person, which may be the reason Ellie is immune to the cordyceps infection. Later in the same episode, the leader of the Fireflies, Marlene, explains to Joel that the Cordyceps believe that Ellie is already infected, which may be the reason she is immune. According to Neil Druckmann, this whole story was planned for the original The last of us game, but it harkened back to more than what the studio could cover in a single video game.

Even if it The last of us prequel game never made it to gamers’ consoles, this project proves that Naughty Dog still has plenty of stories to tell. The HBO series provided additional backstory that players didn’t get from the game, and the upcoming season may provide additional details about the pasts of Joel, Ellie, and their companions. however, The Last of Us, Part 3 apparently this is not Naughty Dog’s next project so players will have to wait longer to find out what happened after the end The Last of Us Part 2.

The Last of Us Part 1 is available now on PS5, with a PC port set for release on March 28th.

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