Half-Life: Ray Traced, a new mod that adds hardware-accelerated ray tracing to Valve’s flagship first-person shooter, is now available for download after release to reveal last summer.

Half-Life: Ray Traced is the work of modder Sultim Tsyrendashiev, who previously created similar, extremely well-received ray-tracing mods for the likes of Series Sam 1, Dumand Quake – and is based on another earlier ray tracing effort, Half-Life.

Introducing the project last year, Tsyrendashiev explained: “Half-Life: Ray Traced integrates real-time path tracing into the original Half-Life (1998). With hardware-accelerated ray tracing, you can calculate global lighting, reflections, refractions, soft shadows, and other visual effects at an interactive frame rate.”


Half-Life 1: Ray Traced – Trailer.

As previously promised by Tsyrendashiev, a game release version of Half-Life: Ray Traced has been created available for download via Github. Those interested in this will need to purchase a copy first the original Half-Life 1 on Steam then follow through instructions provided.

Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry took a look at Tsyrendashiev’s Quake ray tracing mod late last year and went very impressedcalling it “incredible” and “less of a mod and more of a full RT remaster for one of the best PC games ever”.