The massive hunt for a two-month-old baby continues in the UK.

The child’s parents were reported missing on January 5 and were arrested in Brighton, Sussex, after being spotted by a member of the public.

Constance Marten, 35, and her boyfriend Mark Gordon, 48, a convicted sex offender, have been charged on suspicion of gross negligence.

They are believed to have lived rough in a tent and moved at night to avoid detection.

Lewis Basford, Metropolitan Police/Detective Superintendent said: “Currently investigating all available places where the child could be in the open country. This will include the search of outhouses, anywhere the child may have been left by the couple to search. protection from the climate and obviously the extreme weather that we had last night in terms of sub-zero temperatures. But also looking at all the available places where they could have been, including outhouses, farmland.”

Officers were seen searching a golf course, allotments and woodland on Tuesday near where the couple were.

Mårten and Gordon have been on the run since the baby was born in early January.

Police believe Marten had given birth in or near the car just a day or two earlier, and officers said they were growing concerned for the family’s welfare because neither Marten nor the baby had been seen by medical personnel.