Mutts (AKA Muttations) are hybrid creatures The Hunger Games saga appears in the arena to intimidate the tributes. Next to it X-Men: First Classoriginal The hunger games One of the movies that made Jennifer Lawrence a star. Lawrence stars in the series as Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist, who becomes an icon of rebellion after surviving the 74th Hunger Games, a televised death game. The films were based on the best-selling book series by author Susan Collins.


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Katniss was forced to play a new game, but the last two episodes focused on attempts to overthrow the capital. The evil President Snow played by Donald Sutherland. The films were hugely successful and started a trend of YA adaptations including Maze runner and Divergent. The Hunger Games Panem did a great job of world building while feeling like a real place. Animal hybrids called mutts also exist in the world of Panem, and have been used by the capital both in games and occasionally as weapons against rebels.

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mock hunger games

One of the first birds created in the novels is the jabberjay, a bird created to spy on the people of Panem. Jabberjays are capable of narrating entire conversations, but the birds lost their usefulness when spies realized how they were being used. Before they died, they mated with female mockingbirds, creating the Mockingjay bird that exists in the wild. Both birds get the memo first The hunger games movie, but their skills will be seen, or rather heard, later.

The The Hunger Games arenas vary from game to gameand within The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the birds are used in the arena itself. The contestants hear the screams they care about, actually produced by birds, to torment them in the arena, leaving Katniss and Finnick (Sam Claflin) to wonder how the players got the sounds for the birds to imitate.

After Katniss was given the Mockingjay’s needle, the bird later became Katniss’ symbol in the games and the rebellion itself. Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) even designed Katniss’ dress in the opening ceremonies to look like the Joker after she was burned, giving her the name “girl on fire.” The Mockingjay was a symbol of the First Rebellionand the new rebels chose it as a result of the appearance of Katniss wearing it.

Tracker Jackers

Katniss cuts a tracker jacker nest from a tree in The Hunger Games.

These nasty little creatures are wasps that can sting severely, causing severe swelling, hallucinations, and death. They got their nickname because they track down and kill anyone who disturbs their home. Their nests are particularly large, and if disturbed, they will not hesitate to swarm after nearby humans or animals. Katniss first escapes from her den in the arena The hunger games Movie until he needs to cut down one of the nests to use as a weapon against career tributes. Katniss ends up badly stung by her actions, but Glimmer (Leven Rambin) loses her life as the trackers repeatedly sting her.

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Wolf Mutts

Wolf mutation in the arena in the hunger games

Wolf Mutts are a deadly threat in the original The hunger games and released by the capital to make the game more interesting. The The hunger games book uses wolf mushrooms a little differently. They are made to look like fallen tributes – to the human eye. This influence makes Katniss nervous and hesitant when she meets Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Cato (Alexander Ludwig) in the games finale. The film does away with this design, where they instead look like large dogs with vicious claws and teeth.


Monkeys are howling in the Hunger Games

These baboon-like creatures are used in the 75th Hunger Games or Quarter Quell. Taking fire. Monkeys attack tributes on the beach at the beginning of the game. Their claws stick out like sharp knives and their bites are deadly enough to cause internal bleeding. This is determined by the tribute group when a fog 6 Morphling Saves Pete’s life, allowing him to attack the monkeys instead.

Lizard Mutts

The Lizard goes after the Rebels in The Hunger Games: Part 2.

Perhaps the most famous and feared breed is the Lizard Mutt. These beings appear The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and when Katniss and her squad try to make their way to the Capitol, they are sent into the sewers. These eyeless mushrooms are a combination of human and reptilian DNA and attack in relentless waves. They are responsible for the death of most of the squad, including Finnick.

In the film, Finnick gets a slightly more merciful death. In the book, one of the dolls rips her head off her body, but in the movie, when the dolls run over her, Katniss activates the explosive. Finnick’s death Mockingjay faster and less painful.

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Snake Mutts

President Snow sits in his gilded office in the Hunger Games franchise

The original trilogy does not feature snake mushrooms The hunger games novels. However, they are an important addition to the prequel A ballad about birds and snakes. Dr. Gaul creates them to have poor eyesight but a better sense of smell than the average snake. If the snake does not recognize the smell of someone, it will attack him.

This is demonstrated by testing snakes with a coursework presented by Dr. Gaul. the future The hunger games President Coriolanus Snow and my classmate. A classmate is attacked by a snake because their scent is missing from the term paper, which shows that Snow did all the work herself. They are also used against the tributes in the Hunger Games, where Snow first acts as a trainer.


Lucy and Snow are in the grass together

A rabbit crossed with a pit bull will be an interesting animal. This is exactly what Dr. Gal experiments with in order to develop new mutations. He details how his experimental armadillo has the jaws of a pit bull but has the jumping ability of a rabbit. Although she is often with him when interviewing the Hunger Games coaches, tributes like Snow A ballad about birds and snakesrabbit mutt is not used against tributes.

Other mushrooms in the hunger games

A hologram of mutations and

Created in many mutations the world The Hunger Games’ Panem appearing only in brief mentions instead of appearing on screen in the novels. This occurs in most of the notes The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as previous winners can share stories about their experiences. There are also several mutts in the arena Taking fire things that are not used in the movie.

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For example, packages used in the 50’s Hunger Games feature predatory squirrels that attack. However, most of the fungi mentioned are insects, such as grasshoppers and grasshoppers. In addition to mutated mosquitoes, butterflies whose poison can cause death are also mentioned. There are also “candy pink” birds with beaks that pierce the skin and cause serious injury.

Peeta also had a mutation that he called “The Beast”. Taking fire novel. There is no specific information about what animals were used in its creation The hunger games monster, but he is incredibly big and strong. Pete points out that it literally rips one of the tributes in the arena to pieces. When Peeta is imprisoned in the Capitol, he is forced to believe that Katniss is a mutation, and there is a wedge between them. This idea raises questions about Capitol scientists The hunger games the franchise could also create human mutations and could viewers see this play out in a future story.

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