Sam Claflin reflects on his early days as an actor and recounts his experience as Finnick Odair on The Hunger Games.

The Hunger GamesFinnick Odair actor Sam Claflin reflects on his pivotal role nearly 10 years after his franchise debut. Based on Susan Collins’ best-selling young adult dystopian book series of the same name, The hunger games the films not only launched Claflin’s career, but also catapulted her co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Amandla Stenberg to international fame. Claflin, who played the haughty but lovable winner of the 65th Hunger Games, first appeared in the 2013 sequel. Taking fire.

It’s been over a decade since Finnick played Odair The Hunger Games in the series, Sam Claflin reflects on his experience playing the former champion, who later became a fan favorite of the hit franchise. talk to Diversitythe Daisy Jones and Six actor the character’s cool exterior explains how different he was from his lack of self-confidence as a growing performer. Check out what Claflin had to say below:

“I feel a little more confident and comfortable about myself. Especially with a part like Finnick, he just oozes charisma. I was kind of embarrassed at the time—it’s the first straight scene I’ve ever done, you know? Oh my God. Also, I didn’t have an accent coach on The Hunger Games, and I needed one. I look back and listen to myself: “God, this is terrible.”

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Why Claflin was a controversial choice to play Finnick Odair

of Finnick Odair

As Claflin himself admitted, when it was announced that he would be playing Finnick inside The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, many fans of the book series were quick to voice their disappointment. Despite Claflin’s good looks, initial criticism of her casting came from those who perceived the character as more conventionally attractive. Before he was seen in the role of Finnick, the actor was pressured by those who claimed he was unfit for the role.

However, Claflin has successfully proved the cynics wrong, and even his detractors should be thanked for the overwhelmingly positive reception to his portrayal of Finnick. The actor has previously said that he used negative comments to push himself and prove them wrong. When The Hunger Games: Taking fire Released in 2013, critics and audiences alike have praised Claflin’s performance.

Claflin’s ability to add humanity and heart to the proud District 4 champion added depth to the character and enhanced his stage presence. For this reason, Finnick’s death The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is still one of the saddest of the entire series. More than ten years have passed since he played the lead role The Hunger Games Claflin seems to have grown in confidence significantly over the course of the series, and is now regularly headlining major projects with his latest work. Daisy Jones and SixPrime Video Day is coming up on Friday, March 3rd.

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Source: Diversity