Heat The dinner meeting between the characters of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro was a special moment for the two actors. Pacino and De Niro rose to fame at the same time in the early 70s. De Niro became a star because of his work Average streets and Taxi driver and continued to do incredible things in everything Once upon a time in America for Jackie Brown. It was Pacino’s performance Godfatherand he amassed an extraordinary series of classic performances Serpico for Scarface and Once upon a time in Hollywood.


Michael Mann movie Heat The director had been simmering with this idea for the first time in the late 70s. He even shot a prototype (in line) with a TV movie LA removaladapted it Heat turned the script into a TV pilot. Heat was oddly snubbed for any major awards, but is now considered one of the best crime films of all time. Heat casting Pacino and De Niro as cop Vincent Hanna and criminal Neil McCauley, respectively, deliver career-best performances from both. A dinner meeting among the surrounding duo Heat The midway point was also a milestone for the actors.

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Heat’s Diner scene is the first time De Niro and Pacino appear together

Michael Mann leads the heat with Pacino and De Niro

The Godfather Part II – as if approaching Heat 2 – encountered impossible recasting when the filmmakers had to choose an actor to play the young Vito Corleone. To follow Marlon Brando in one of his most iconic roles would have been terrifying to many; Fortunately, young De Niro rose to the occasion and cemented his star status. He and Pacino both starred The Godfather Part II, they did not share any scenes due to the film’s prequel/sequel structure; it made them Heat the dinner scene was the first time they appeared together on screen.

well technically their first scene is the immediate ongoing scene Heat dinner conversation, Hannah pulls up McCauley’s car to offer a cup of coffee. However, it’s the dinner sequence that everyone remembers, and for good reason. Finally bringing together two of the greatest actors of all time, Mann went back to work his magic on them. out of Heat bank robbery packagethe dinner scene is the most exciting moment in the film because of their work.

the subjects of Heat The duality involves reason and fate, and while Hannah is a cop and McCauley is a criminal, both share the same outlook and need for a certain urgency. For Hanna, it’s the pursuit and destruction of criminals like McCauley, and for the latter, it’s the apprenticeship and skill required to do the job skillfully. The only real difference between them is that what Hannah does is legal, and while McCauley is a staunch believer in cause and effect, ironically it breaks his own code during the final act that leads to his death. Heat the dinner scene highlights all of these themes brilliantly.

Heat was the first of many great De Niro and Pacino moments

Then heat, Pacino and De Niro will work together in two more films. The first was a thriller shot in 2008 A righteous killunlike a few scenes in this film, the pair sell themselves because of their work together throughout the film. Heat. Unfortunately, seeing the two together is the only reason to even look A righteous kill, runs through all the cop movie clich├ęs without adding anything new. That said, the finale allows Pacino to get hammy in a way only he can put off.

In 2019, they reunited again to become even more worthy Heat Martin Scorsese’s next sequel Irish. It introduced De Niro as a mob hitman and bodyguard to Pacino’s Jimmy Hoffa. The film delivers two great scenes together, but two stand out in particular. The first is when De Niro’s Frankie tries to warn Hoffa of the mob’s growing resentment towards him and he is targeted, but despite Frank’s concern, Hoffa believes they won’t dare. The second is the gruesome assassination itself, where Frank takes Hoffa – whom he believes is safe with his “friend” – to an isolated house and executes him in cold blood when his back is turned.

Pacino and De Niro’s first film meeting was worth the wait

The famous dinner scene from the heat with Pacino and De Niro

The pairing of Pacino and De Niro was so obvious that it had never been done before. Heat. After nearly twenty years of hanging around each other, De Niro and Pacino’s dinner scene was worth the wait. The two bring out the best in each other and despite being friends in real life, they consciously avoid communication. Heat was filming right up until the dinner scene itself. The sequence is a masterclass in screen acting, so easy to forget that it’s two men sitting at a table talking.