The award-winning “Hangover” trilogy was a financial success thanks to a wild night in Las Vegas, but which film of the trilogy is the best?

Hangovr The trilogy received high marks among critics because of the wild antics and conspiracies of the main characters. The first movie was a classic bachelor party gone wrong, encouraging the old statement “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” This was followed by two sequels where the main characters continue their shenanigans, remembering nothing from the previous night. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Barta and Ed Helms lead the trilogy, the Hangover became a success.

However, three movies doesn’t mean that each movie is better than the next. Sometimes high budgets make a story line with unconventional settings and expectations (and so on). the Hangover there were funny scenes over the course of his three films, each film was not created equally). Award worthy, the Hangover It was the only film to be nominated for a Golden Globe Award, while the sequels were nominated for Cinematic Failure at the Razzie Awards. They are seen as financial successes, but one is better than the other.

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3 The Hangover Part III (2013)

Phil, Alan and Stu are outside talking in The Hangover Part III

Hangover III reunited the gang to help Alan when he fell on hard times after his father’s death. In order to get Alan the help he needs, Phil, Doug and Stu escort Alan to a treatment facility, where they are held hostage by a drug lord who is looking for their friend, Mr. Chow. despite Hangover III funniest quotes, it has the lowest rating accordingly. The film grossed over $362 million at the box office worldwide (via Numbers), and although a financial success, it received negative reviews. Diversity described Hangover III as “Official depression into miserable meaninglessness.” Despite its success, the press found the film frivolous with its boring storyline.

2 The Hangover Part II (2011)

Stu A nervous shot of Phil and Alan

Hangover II Grossing over $586 million, the film was the highest-grossing film in the franchise (via Box Office MoJo). It picked up where the first left off two years after Wild Night in Vegas. Now that it’s Stu’s turn to get married, the foursome jet off to Thailand for a destination wedding and an unintentionally out-of-control bachelor party.

Despite high box office numbers, Hangover II couldn’t pull off what the original did. A a movie that doesn’t need a sequel, The Guardian gave Hangover II one star out of five for repeating too many jokes and scenes from the original. They wrote:All the fun in the film is lost in the repetition of almost every gimmick. The same: but lame and lame, because the same.” However, the humor and star cast proved to be a major distraction.

1 The Hangover (2009)

Office characters at Doug's wedding looking at the phone

the Hangover is the highest-rated film in the franchise due to its originality. The jokes were fresh, the storyline was out of this world and the cast was even better. The film is about Doug, who is having a bachelor party in Las Vegas with his two best friends and his new brother-in-law, Alan. Wanting to have an epic night, Alan drugged the group, but he didn’t expect it to get so out of control – especially since no one could find the groom-to-be and had to retrace his steps to find him.

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One Todd Phillips’ highest grossing movies, the Hangover grossed over $468 million at the box office worldwide (via Box Office Mojo) and was praised by critics. Although the story of getting drunk in Vegas and forgetting everything the next day is a cliché, the Hangover he is lucky as he has won several awards. the Hangover It brought home a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in a Comedy or Musical and a BAFTA – Original Award for Best Screenplay. It was nominated for Best Original Screenplay by the Writers Guild of America. Compared to the others, this one was definitely more memorable than the others.

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