Genshin Impact Update 3.7 significantly improves the quality of life, as players can now quickly switch between available gadgets in the game. Genshin Impact receives updates on a regular basisadding new content and events for fans to play and giving them new characters to use with fresh banners.

Update 3.7 includes a bunch of additional content such as a Genshin Impact encounter event for Kaveh, the second story quest for Joimia, etc. During the first phase of the limited-time banner, players can try to get five-star characters Yoimiya and Yae Miko, as well as a new four-star Dendro user named Kirara. Now also confirmed that update 3.7 for Genshin Impact will significantly improve the quality of life of gadgets in the game.


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As Reddit user LookItsEric shared, Genshin Impact players can now use up to four gadgets simultaneously, allowing users to quickly switch between them depending on the situation. Gadgets are special items that play a unique role in research aspect Genshin Impact, and some are used to solve puzzles across entire regions. This quality-of-life update will allow players to mark the four gadgets they use the most and switch between them without going into the menu.

Genshin Impact is very susceptible to leaks and this quality of life update was first leaked in April 2023. A user named HomDGCat mentioned that a new feature that allows gamers quickly switch between gadgets in Genshin Impact will be implemented in update 3.7 and users now have confirmation of this change.

After installing the latest update, players need to go to the inventory menu Genshin Impact and assign four gadgets that they want to use regularly. As seen in the image posted by LookItsEric, fans can switch between these gadgets by holding down a certain button, giving them easier access to these tools instead of constantly going to the inventory menu.

Many gamers in the comments section of the post seem happy with the change, with one user calling it a long-awaited quality of life improvement. On the other hand, some players are surprised at how long it took the development team to implement this feature, as one fan claims that users have been asking for it since the game’s release in 2020. Some gamers also mentioned other features they wanted added to the game, such as improvements that could be made to the controls an artifact appears Genshin Impact the way is easier.

Genshin Impact now available for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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