A gameplay trailer was shown Alan Wake 2 during the PlayStation Showcase this evening, and we’ve also been given a release date.

Released on October 17 The voice actor for Wake is almost confirmed, the game discovers that Alan Wake has been missing since 2010 while vacationing in the Pacific Northwest with his wife. Here he came face to face with the power of supernatural darkness, bringing the writer’s horror story to life.

Alan Wake 2 – gameplay reveal trailer

Having saved his wife, Alan fell into a trap, but did not die. He survived the hell of the Dark Place for 13 years. Here his nightmares, fears and stories manifest as reality around him. For 13 years, he fights to stay healthy and write a story that will change the reality around him so he can escape. So far he has not succeeded.

The game features two worlds and two parallel stories to follow, as well as two playable characters: Alan Wake and FBI agent Saga Anderson, a profiler with a reputation for solving impossible cases.

The two are connected in several unexpected ways and critical parts of the story. Saga is a newcomer when it comes to the supernatural in the world of Wake, and a character that guides new players into the Alan Wake universe.

There are three different locations to explore in the Pacific Northwest region of the game, where the town of Bright Falls is located. The annual Deerfest is also held here. Nearby is the abandoned city of Watery, Cauldron Lake and the area if it is suitable for exploration. The story promises to be full of surprises hidden inside it,

Alan Wake 2 will be available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be supported at launch with both free content and two paid expansions: Night Springs and Lake House.