new Sims 4 expansion The gameplay shows us that growing together doesn’t always mean doing it in harmony. The Sims 4 The Growing Together expansion pack will arrive in March, focusing on the relationships between family members in life game. As the new trailer shows, that means more options for how your Sims interact and how they build (or break) bonds with others.

As many people know, families are not always the picturesque hotbeds of love and support they are made out to be. While many of us are fortunate to have family members close by, unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Relationships become strained, ideologies collide, people fall apart – the bonds between family members can often be some of the most difficult and complex for all kinds of reasons.

The Sims 4 Growing Together aims to better reflect this reality by allowing for fine-tuning the dynamics of relationships between family members to better represent the different ways a family behaves. As shown in the Growing Together gameplay trailer below, you can choose between several different “family dynamics” to represent the relationships between individual Sims in a family setting.

In the trailer, we see four possible options. “Near” and “Far” seem the most simple, representing a family that spends a lot of time together or separated. “Hard” allows you to capture a more antagonistic relationship, while “Pranksters” is a good choice for classic sibling banter, seeing you joking and teasing each other in a more loving, playful manner.

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EA Maxis says this system goes beyond simple menu selections, and you’ll have to make key decisions that can affect your Sims’ relationships. “For example, will parents be allowed to move in with them? Saying ‘no’ will affect that relationship, and saying ‘yes’ can make life at home much more difficult.” You also have to deal with potential consequences. “What if your Sim’s parents don’t get along with their partner?”

“New relationships also become more dynamic,” EA continues, explaining that these ideas extend to new social chemistry systems as friends (or enemies) are made. “The choice for you may be whether you want to keep the peace or stir up some drama.” It’s definitely another step up in the social simulation game with more opportunities to tell your own stories.

The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack releases on March 16 on Steam and the EA Store along with PlayStation and Xbox consoles. If you pre-order or buy the add-on before April 27th, you’ll also get the Outdoor Playtime digital content pack when it launches.

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