Week after week, wrinkles on the eyebrows Warren Gatland It’s like getting deeper. if you are wondering Wales The head coach may already be considering whether it’s worth returning. Just three months into his second tenure, he has been recalled to his kingdom with the promise of a generous salary and a great chance of restoration, and Gatland wears the grim countenance of a monarch who returns home to find the castle in utter ruin.

Yes, it was someone else them for weeks Welsh Rugby Union, an organization in which, after fifteen weeks of contract negotiations that threatened civil war, unpleasant crises became a stockpile in trade. This Six Nations During his long lineage he was visited by many ghouls, but this was an unprecedented threat of offensive action that, Until an eleventh hour deal on Wednesday eveningseemed to be getting closer.

“With the events of the last six to eight weeks, everyone in Welsh rugby now needs to come together to find the best way,” said the Wales captain. Ken Owens On Wednesday, WRU chief executive Nigel Walker said he nodded next to her.

“We must do this collaboratively to bring Welsh rugby back to the pinnacle of world rugby, not the mockery I think we are now.”

The Welsh players may have finally come to an agreement to allow this important match to continue, but the winds of change are still blowing, foreshadowing. It seems likely that the lines of battle between players and governing bodies will be drawn more often because of this.

Still, the game continues – this may be more cause for concern for those ready to collect the Principality. Despite all the off-court troubles, things haven’t been all too rosy for Wales on the pitch since Gatland’s return. The attacks on Ireland and Scotland only served to highlight the talent gap they could fight to close; On the upside are nine more changes that point to real uncertainty about who is best placed to close it.

Gatland has waved again, this time favoring the old guard at the front and the new faces at the rear. The inexperienced midfielder, made up of Owen Williams, Joe Hawkins and first-time forward Mason Grady, has only made seven appearances but is tasked with ensuring that the extravagance shown in the first two rounds is not repeated.

Who knows where their hosts will end up psychologically, but an English visit to Cardiff will often move even the most dejected Welsh. Gatland certainly wouldn’t need to produce any siege mentality in a manga without a shortage of pent-up frustration.

Warren Gatland wants to draw a “line in the sand” in front of England-facing Wales at the Six Nations (Joe Giddens/PA)

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“You like it when things aren’t going well off the court and there’s a lot of noise,” England whore Jamie George He explained, citing his own experiences at Saracens after the club was penalized for violating the salary cap.

“What it can do is really bring you together and make you a stronger union – we against the world, let’s go out and do this and prove some people wrong. I’m sure those are the messages people like Alun Wyn (Jones) are sending out this week. We look forward to the best Welsh team possible, a team with a lot of passion and drive to win.”

Britain insisted they remained focused on the job at hand, not letting uncertainty creep in. Steve Borthwickthe insistence on building consistently by doing the foundations well.

This week’s focus is on producing faster balls and avoiding repeated last-quarter declines against Scotland and Italy, according to Borthwick. Courtney Lawes is a pivotal figure on the bench as Anthony Watson returns to an England starting jersey for the first time in almost two years on the wing.

Visitors would rarely travel west with any expectation, but explore the state of Wales and England and they’ll appreciate the chances. Still, if there was ever a fixture to get the Welsh rabble up, this would be it – and as Dylan Thomas has insisted, Wales won’t enter the goodnight kindly.

Italy – Ireland

a new role for johnny sexton In the Third Round, the injured half plays Ireland’s sidekick a weekend away in Rome. sexton, Ireland Ross Byrne and James Ryan are offered opportunities to promote to the team as captain and captain, respectively.

Byrne’s half-back contrast combination with Craig Casey worked effectively in closing the victory over France, and Andy Farrell now hopes the pair will continue. Italy It’s at arm’s length, as England had largely accomplished in the first half two weeks ago. Having matched their first two opponents for extended periods of time, Italy will want to get off to a faster start after allowing both France and England to take an early scoreboard advantage.

France – Scotland

An unknown element for both France And ScotlandThe hosts are bidding to bounce back from their first defeat after a long hiatus, and the visitors are quite unaccustomed to their place as title contenders after two rounds.

France ran their business very professionally when these two sides met at Murrayfield last year. There was no panic in a win that quietly felt important as a young side grew up absorbing everything Scotland had to throw at them. Now it’s a different test as they try to respond to this loss to Ireland. Could it have reopened old wounds? Scotland will definitely push the seams with their wide attack.