Battlefield 2042’s fourth season, The Eleventh Hour, launches later this month.

The new season, available starting February 28, brings “a ton of new content,” including a new map, specialist, weapon, vehicle, and “100 new levels of Battle Pass content.


Battlefield 2042 | Season 4: The Eleventh Hour Gameplay Trailer.

EA says that “core content add-ons will be available to all players, even those on the free BP tier, while “cosmetic items” will be available for grabs by those who splurge on the Premium Battle Pass.

The new South African map, Flashpoint, features “rocky landscapes” along with “vast interior spaces” including an underground tunnel, and new specialist Camila “Blasco” can use her intelligence training and “specialized tactical gear” to navigate the map without the help of launch technology motion sensor. It also comes with the X6 intrusion device, which prevents blocking from “hostile devices and interferes with active detection technologies.”

Plus, a new vehicle, the CAV-Brawler, and a bunch of new weapons, including the Super 500 Shotgun, the RM68 Assault Rifle, the AC9 Assault Rifle and the RPT-31 LMG, including the SPH Explosive Launcher gadget that lets you attach sticky explosives to objects, vehicles and enemy players, of course.

After the game’s disastrous launch in November 2021, EA reshuffled Battlefield development, bringing in support studios Industrial Toys, Ripple Effect Studios, and Ridgeline Studios, along with franchise led by Respawn’s Vince Zampella.

Last year, DICE said yes learned “valuable lessons” from the release of Battlefield 2042stating that it would “undo a lot of the changes” he made to the game for its next Battlefield outing, which is currently in development.