Nine seasons and almost a decade later, Flash Its final episode is scheduled to air on May 24. During the showrunner Eric Wallace have expressed hope this Arrowverse does not end for good, Flash is the last show left in its run – so the show now faces the unenviable task of wrapping up a decade of storytelling in a series finale that wraps up not only its own story, but the story of an entire series of interconnected shows. have this. With the weight of the task looming large in his mind, Wallace admitted to looking for inspiration for the series finale in some unlikely places.

When asked EW On how Wallace went about preparing to bring The Flash to its proper conclusion, the showrunner said, “Before I sat down to conceptualize and write this, I watched a lot of series finales and told you the ones I liked and used. inspiration: Lost, an angel, and Officesarcastically.” Wallace recalled how emotional those finals were and continued, “I love Lost The finale is a lot because it lasted for two hours and it is full of emotions. They cried, I cried and everyone cried. But I’m back for what I think is the perfect series finale an angelthe Buffy spin off. Boy, I still remember how I felt when I saw it an angel finale – it drove me off the planet.” Of course, these shows can be very different from each other Flash in theme and tone, but Wallace looked at how these finales were designed to make audiences feel. He explained: “I thought about it a lot, what’s good about it and what do we have to take away? I’m not saying it’s the same storyline – it’s not even close to the same storyline, but everything That series finale has similar feelings that I want to experience and the same Lost.”


With FlashThe finale of is marked for viewing many familiar faces returnWallace explained how Office served as a source of inspiration”Office was a great series finale, and if you look at it Office series finale and our series finale, you can really see some parallels in the weirdest way.” He continued, “as a viewer. Office The Nine Seasons I Religiously Wanted (Steve Carells) Michael Scott is back on that show and I admit the feeling I had when he came on. I’m thinking, “I have to convey the same feeling in our series finale.” That’s when I decided there should be more faces from the past.”

Flash: Ok-1

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Flash It marks the end of an era

the show that served as the main part of the CWSince its debut in 2014, programming has become one of, if not the theSeparate from the Arrowverse, the network’s tie-in series of shows based on DC properties. Although Marvel may have been the top dog in the early 2010s when it came to translating his features to the big screen, DC were building an equally impressive catalog on the small screen. Now, with Flash‘s end is near, fans hope it will be a fitting finale for the entire Arrowverse series of demonstrations.

Flash will air its final episode on Wednesday, May 24 on The CW.