Resident Evil Village’s the merchant, the duke, sells all sorts of things. You will be able to purchase more ammo, upgrade your weapon, customize your weapon, have extra inventory space, and more. Needless to say, you’ll want to collect everything you can afford to help guide your game strategy and prepare for boss battles — but which items should you pick up first?

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In this guide, you’ll find our best recommendations for what you should buy from this interesting seller as soon as possible. It will make your trip much more enjoyable.

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Recipes for making different types of ammunition

Resident Evil Village most things are sold out from princes

Ammo recipes are a must and should be your first priority. you will find shotgun during the lycan attack early on, but you can only loot or buy shotgun shells until you acquire the recipe to craft them yourself.

During your stay at Dimitrescu Castle, you will find a sniper rifle just lying around

  • Sniper cartridges – two gunpowder, one rusty scrap, one chemical
  • Ammunition for the rifle – one powder, two rusty scraps, one chemical liquid

You’ll find and unlock more weapons throughout the game, and it will be a major disadvantage if you can’t craft ammo for those weapons in the future. The ability to do this will allow you get more ammo through crafting during critical flaws.

Upgrades for your weapons and backpack

Resident Evil Village gun customization by duke

After stocking up and getting your prescriptions, you probably should customize your weapon. Duke will sell weapon parts that you can immediately install on your weaponprovided you purchased a custom part for the weapon you actually have.

  • Additional baggage – increases inventory space.
  • M1897 hair trigger – increases the rate of fire for the shotgun.
  • High capacity Mag – increases the ammo limit for the main gun.

Customizable weapon details will be increase the amount of ammunition, reduce the oscillation of the sight, etc. They are optional additions to the weapon upgrades you can get in the weapons section of the Duke shop.

Buying extra inventory space will also benefit you in the long run. Even if you’re not a hoarder, the more you create, the more space you’ll need. You won’t be able to stock up before a big battle if your inventory is too small.

Recipes for creating different types of bombs

Resident Evil Village most items sold out from Duke Merchant

Recipes for ammunition, as already mentioned, are absolutely necessary – but so are bombs. Bombs are best saved for boss fights, mini-boss fights, or just getting through a large group of smaller enemies

  • Mine recipe – one rusty scrap and one metal scrap.
  • Recipe for pipe bombs – two gunpowder, one rusty scrap and one chemical liquid.

Throughout the game you will be able to find mines and pipe bombs from looting. They help deal more damage to a single target or destroy several. If you rely solely on looting to get your bombs, you’ll barely have enough to save for crucial moments. But if you buy the recipes to create them, you can do it on demand.

Food recipes

Resident Evil Village food crafting list

Don’t forget to eat! Once you finish the first part of the gameDimitrescu Castle, you can artisan food at duke’s. You’ll find out when you hit a fish in the water, leaving the castle behind, or finding chickens and showing them no mercy.

  • Grass fish – slightly increases health, for four fish and one meat.
  • Pilaf with birds and animals – reduces damage taken while guarding for four birds and one meat.

Crafted dishes in The Duke are not for healing, but for permanent buffing. These dishes will permanently increase your base health, make blocking more effective, and more. You will have to find more animals to harvest meat, but it is worth the effort.

The two recipes listed above are the easiest to prepare at first as they need readily available meat in small quantities. After you leave Dimitrescu Castle and find the meat for the first time, find where the duke is and the cooking option will open up in his shop.

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