The PC edition of Returnal launched on February 15th, and a small first patch was released. Six items have been fixed, ranging from a fixed Windows resolution definition to a minor tweak to Epic Particle settings. See the full patch notes below.

According to Returnal page on Steamthe next patch will have performance improvements and 3840×1600 resolution fixes.

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Returnal patch notes:

  • Fixed a rare issue with music stopping when entering a Biome
  • Fixes for some ultrawide monitor settings not being detected in full screen mode
  • Fixed incorrect Windows resolution detection on first boot
  • Fixed grass draw distance in Epic Particle settings
  • Fix PSN login timeouts
  • Fixed rounding error of test results

Returnal originally launched on the PlayStation 5 in 2021 and was partly a title to show off what the PS5 was capable of. The new PC edition supports Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR and comes with different resolution settings. For minimum specs, gamers only need a GTX 1060 graphics card. There are also ultra and epic resolution settings that let you take advantage of powerful graphics cards like the 3080Ti for incredibly detailed images.

At GameSpot Retrospectivereviewer Mike Epstein praised the game for its innovative use of PS5 technology, as well as the tight gameplay elements that keep the challenging randomized encounters fresh.

“Coming back is always worrisome and always challenging. Its mysterious story and demanding action feel intense, urgent and fresh,” wrote Epstein.

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