Already a legend before its premiere, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, Sam Levinsonand Reza Fahimof Idol collected many things media attention because HBO gave it the green light back 2021 year. If you cling to the belief that there is no such thing as bad advertising, the marketing team will absolutely screw it up. On the other hand, if the idea is a toxic workplace and endless creative differences throw a red flag into the mix, and then the title can be a little worrisome. After celebrating its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the reviews are in, and many of us following the production will not be surprised by what they say.


In Idol, Lily-Rose Depp leads as Jocelyn, a pop star seeking success and identity in Hollywood. On the way to the top, he met Tedros (Tesfaye), a self-help guru and modern-day cult leader, promises the young singer that if she stays with him, she will get what she wants. Along with their professional relationship, very toxic sparks fly and the duo a sensational romance it puts everything at risk. They also play the main roles in the series Suzanne’s son, Musa Sumni, Hank Azaria, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Dan Levy, Troy Sivan, Jane Adams, Eli Roth, Jenny Ruby Jane, Mike Dean, Rachel Sennottand Khari Nef.

So what are the first pipe hot reactions about Idol say? Collider Teresa Lacson reports there was series released decades ago, “it may have caused a stir” and added that the storyline was “formulaic” and that it was less “provocative”. Euphoria creator Levinson thought it would.

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Now note the mixed conversation floating around titleVariety Ramin Setudeh He said negative feedback ranged from “I hated it” to “the TV version of clickbait”.

Various Tatiana Siegel They shared more of the same sentiments, saying theatergoers were often “disgusted” by what they witnessed, but noted that many praised Depp’s performance as a troubled pop star.

Similarly, Yasmin Qandil is called Depp’s performance as the “strongest” of his career and praised the series and the way it “captures the glitz, glamor and exploitation of the music industry”.

Writing about Levinson’s views IdolIndieWire Eric Kohn said viewers can plan to see similar themes Euphoria through the creator’s latest collaboration with HBO.

Perhaps the most scathing review came from The New York Times. Kyle Buchanan who inadvertently changed his name series “50 Shades of Tesfaye” and called it a “Pornhub-homepage odyssey” and criticized the network for leading the rebranding charge.

When Idol Exit?

Preparation for the curtain to rise and the light to shine, Idol takes center stage on HBO on June 4. From initial reactions, we get fever dreams of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but a good performance from its leading lady.