The latest trailer for The Flash shows more time- and dimension-shifting heroes, including multiple versions of the Flash, two Batmans, Supergirl and the return of General Zod.

The upcoming DC film features Ezra Miller as The Flash, along with a number of other DC actors reprising their previous roles, including Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as their respective versions of Batman and Michael Shannon as General Zod. The new trailer also reveals another returning actor, with Jeremy Irons reprising his role as Alfred Pennyworth after previously portraying the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

The film follows Allen Miller’s Barry as he tries to use his ability to travel through time to undo the past and save his parents. As Batman warned Affleck, his time travel shenanigans go horribly wrong and he finds himself trapped in a reality threatened by the return of General Zod. In the film, the Flash fights alongside an alternate version of himself, as well as Supergirl, played by Sacha Kalle, and Michael Keaton’s alternate-universe Batman. The Flash is directed by IT (2017) director Andy Muschietti.

The Flash opens June 16.

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