Mutation is just a way of life in the irradiated wildlands of post-nuclear Appalachia. Fallout 76 The latest update, available now, takes things to the next level Invasion of mutationswhich offers a modified view of public events, updates to daily operations and a brand new season!

Public events are changing

If you are familiar Fallout 76 Daily Ops, you may have encountered mutations before. These mods up the challenge by offering deadly traits to your enemies, from caustic acid in the blood, to cloaking capabilities and an explosion upon death! Now, thanks to the launch of Mutation Invasion, Mutations also appear in public events!

Every hour at the beginning of the hour in Appalachia, a mutated public event becomes available, marked with a special icon. For the remaining hour, other public events run as normal, but these modified versions offer more challenges and the chance to earn more rewards!

Completing altered public events will earn you XP, legendary items, treasure tickets, or even altered packs containing all sorts of rare items.

A new threat enters daily operations

Public events aren’t the only thing adapting to the mutation invasion: Fallout 76 the latest update also adds new content to Daily Ops, including a new Reflective Skin Mutation that repels damage, and three new locations: the Capitol Building, Harrakhan Mines HQ, and Morgantown High School.

And what is this? Looks like an out-of-this-world enemy has joined the Daily Ops roster! Players can now encounter and battle extraterrestrial aliens during daily operations — time to capture friends and team up!

The new season starts with Rip Daring and Cryptid Hunt

Along with this free update is a brand new season for Fallout 76! Join adventurer extraordinaire Rip Dering in the biggest, baddest, and most obscure game of Season 12: Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt.

Earn SCORE by playing the game and completing tasks to increase your rating and earn new rewards! This season also introduces the all-new Re-Roller, a consumable that allows players to swap existing challenges for new ones. In addition to exclusive rewards, Fallout 1St members will also be able to unlock additional Re-Rollers, offering more flexibility during the Season 12 journey.

Mutation Invasion is a free update available NOW for everyone Fallout 76 players play Fallout 76 today on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass. For more information visit fallout.comand subscribe to official Fallout accounts Twitter and Facebook.

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