Deadites returns to theaters this April.

Horror has been thriving in recent years, and so far 2023 has been no different. Along with the continued success of the genre, many popular franchises have been resurrected from the dead. One of the next franchises to come back with a bang Evil Dead, with the appropriate title Rise of the Evil Dead. The release of the film and its marketing are just a few months away The climb slowly turning the chainsaw. Now it is known Rise of the Evil Dead will be Fangoria The magazine’s next subscriber cover.

The cover (Subscriber cover #19) itself has four new images The climb. Key image features on the cover Lily SullivanBeth was covered in blood and holding the franchise weapon, the chainsaw, with a crazy look in her eyes. The weapon appeared in each Evil Dead cinema and Against Ash and the Evil Dead TV series, but this particular shot gives some away Evil Dead (2013) vibes, especially when you think about how the movie ended Jane LevyMia cut the dead in half as blood soaked rain rained down from the sky. From whom The climb‘s first trailer, the tone of the film is more in line with the 2013 film. Evil Deadof the original trilogy. This cover art is also a great treat for fans of Rise inventive direction. The audience stares helplessly at the chainsaw, a director full of death Lee Cronin seems to be doing his cool Sam Raimis original chaotic style.


The remaining three smaller images depict the film’s dead, two of which are of Beth’s sister Ellie. Alyssa Sutherland. In the film, Beth and Ellie have been divorced for years, and Ellie is trying to raise their young children in a high-rise in Los Angeles. After the discovery of the Necronomicon, their family reunion quickly turns into a living horror. The cover doesn’t give fans any further insight into the story, but it does contain a number of interesting Easter eggs from the franchise’s past, such as the text “Dead by Dawn” over an image of an unidentified Deadite. This was the original subtitle Evil dead 2. On top of that, here’s a fun play on words, a parody of the popular series Hex in the City. Sex in the city.

A woman covered in blood is walking with a chainsaw
Warner Bros. image through.

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Evil Dead Rise release date

Rise of the Evil Dead It is and will be in theaters everywhere on April 21, 2023 the longest film in the franchise. Until then, you can pre-order Fangoria’s The climb issue on them website now. You can get 25% off your annual Fangoria subscription if you use the code “EVILDEADRISE”. You can see the cover and Rise of the Evil Dead‘s trailer is below.