Epic Games Store revealed the 20 most anticipated games of 2023 among its ever-growing user base, and revealed the wide range of commercial achievements it has recently achieved in its latest Year in Review report. This is understanding Fortnite The manufacturer’s digital storefront arrived just then Epic has thrown a shadow over Steam by launching a new self-publishing tool for game developers, continuing the bitter rivalry with Valve.

Launched in December 2018, the Epic Games Store didn’t take long to position itself as Steam’s biggest competitor, quickly overtaking Origin and Uplay, which today are owned by EA Play and Ubisoft Connect, respectively. It is no coincidence that the debut of the platform coincided with global success Fortnite; the first billions generated by the hit Battle Royale funded a wide range of exclusive deals with developers and a a steady stream of free Epic Games Store games which remain a key driver of the storefront’s growth to this day.


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As part of its latest Year in Review report, the North Carolina-based company has released an unordered list of the 20 most anticipated games of 2023 among its users. About half of the featured games are AAA projects such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Skull and bonesand The Last of Us Part 1although the list also contains many indies, including some Epic Games Store PC exclusives like Chia and Crime Boss: Rocky City. A few AA games, for example Hades 2 and STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl add to the diversity of the collection, the content of which was likely derived from user polls, seeing as not every title on the list can currently be wishlisted on the Epic Games Store.

The most anticipated games of 2023 Epic Games Store

A recently published report also revealed that the digital store has more than 230 million PC users since the beginning of the year, a 19% increase from 2021. The Epic Games Store also had 68 million active users in December, up 10% from 2021. year of increase. At the same time, the platform saw a slight decline in sales of $820 million during 2022, down $20 million from the previous year, which likely saw sales boosted by the global pandemic and therefore not sustainable. The the total value of free Epic Games Store games offered during 2022 according to the same report, again measured thousands of dollars.


Four games –Genshin Impact, GTA online, Fortniteand Final Fantasy 7 Remake— which appeared on the Epic Games Store’s list of the top ten games of 2021 by spending and player engagement, managed to maintain its momentum and re-enter the rankings. While it remains to be seen if they can repeat that feat this year, that’s for sure Epic Games Store continues to expand its reach at an impressive pace.

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Source: Epic Games Store