Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery director Rian Johnson talks about the mainstream streaming cancellation trend plaguing Netflix, HBO Max and others.

Glass Onion: The Secret Knife director Rian Johnson opens up about the troubling trend of streamers canceling TV shows and movies. Johnson is no stranger to the world of streaming, having signed on to write and direct two films in 2021 with Netflix. Knives Out continues through the platform. The first sequel, Glass Onion: The Secret Knife, which premiered on the streamer last December to critical acclaim and even an Oscar nomination. However, even filmmakers like Johnson are worried about the recent changes in streaming.

in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson commented on the growing trend of streaming services canceling TV shows and movies. Director working with Peacock for the murder mystery series Poker face, expressed his shock and concern over the latest trend and how other creators can stay positive. Check out his statement below:

It was terrible. It is more and more alarming that this is becoming the norm. In the history of business, there has been a constant evolution of terrible things. All you can do as a creator is believe in the idea that if you create something, it will find an audience.

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What does streaming cancellation mean for content creators?

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Frequent cancellations of broadcasts are worrying viewers and creators. Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+ and HBO Max recently canceled all shows and movies at an alarming rate. Batgirl, Julie and the Phantomsand 1899 was one of the most controversial cancellations. However, these cancellations have spawned a record number of critically acclaimed streaming shows and movies, including Glass Onion: The Secret Knife, Our lastand wednesday As a result, many people don’t know what to expect from streaming in the future.

So Johnson’s statement seems to sum up where the tide is going. On the one hand, streaming cancellations are becoming the norm, and while that’s scary, it’s really the evolution of the business and it’s here to stay. Due to the state of the economy, increased cost-cutting efforts, a focus on quality over quality, and competition, cancellations in streaming should continue. However, creators who truly believe in their work must also believe that it will find an audience.

Canceling isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to streamers. Not all of the metrics streamers use are clear, which can be frustrating, but overall, this repeal only increases the pressure to improve the quality of TV shows and movies and attract viewers from day one. Instead of filler episodes or a long season that drags in between, shows like wednesday and Our last shorter and more interrelated from the start. After all, stream cancellation is part of the evolution of the stream process. While many hope that streamers will be less aggressive in the future with the cancellation, projects for now such as Glass Onion: The Secret Knife must prove themselves in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable environment.

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