fans of Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters, be happy! Finally, there is a promising update for the final season. After the end of the first half of the series finale, fans can’t wait and all attention will be focused on the next part, which will conclude the long-running story of the anime. Since the original series premiered in 2013, the series has received critical acclaim for its storytelling, animation, and action sequences, while garnering much fanfare for its characters, soundtrack, and depiction of dark themes. earned, which makes the wait even more rewarding. .

Director recently Yuichiro Hayashi talked about the fan favorite series (Via Attack on Titan Wiki). While the anime is expected to come out with a bang after its successful run, Hayashi still finds it hard to believe that the series is coming to an end. “The main visual for the sequel to the finale. with output Attack on Titan anime It’s steadily moving towards its final act,” he said, adding, “But it’s still a work in progress, so I don’t feel like I’m done at all. Will the end really come?


The final installment is expected to be completed later this year, and according to the director’s comments, the team is clearly not done yet. Recently, the series stopped new key visual, which is very quiet in contrast to the action-packed nature of anime. Hayashi acknowledged the main visual and revealed, “I think this will be the final visual for the final season.” While the key visual gives a very relaxed vibe, it shades to look out for. It’s interesting why Hayashi uses minimal visuals and how it translates in the finale. He explained,

“It may be surprising to you that the characters that have accumulated so far are going in the opposite direction, but I decided to go the simple route… I think there is something here that captures the imagination. (when) nothing. There are some interesting things, but it’s hard to explain and it will be a spoiler, so I hope you can expand your imagination and look forward to the final part (of the anime).”

Attack on Titan - Eren Yeager (1)

The team behind Attack on Titan

Votes are given in the series Yuki Kaji (Japanese)/Bryce Papenbrook (English) as Eren Yeager, Yui Ishikawa (Japanese)/Trina Nishimura (English) as Mikasa Ackerman, Marina Inoue (Japanese)/Josh Grelle (English) as Armin Arlert, Yoshimasa Khosoya (Japanese)/Robert McCollum (English) as Rainer Brown, Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese)/Matthew Mercer (English) as Levi Ackerman, Romi Park (Japanese)/Jessica Calvello (English) as Hange Zoë, Kisho Taniyama (Japanese)/Mike McFarland (English) as Jean Kirstein, Hiro Shimono (Japanese)/Clifford Chapin (English) as Connie Springer and others.

Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters it is expected to decrease in autumn. Hayashi’s comments can be found below: