Unleash your inner demons in this new RPG

The theory is stupid, the team is in favor the witcher 1 Remake has announced a new “story-rich” role-playing game called The Thaumaturge, which is set to release exclusively on PC.

The action of “Thaumaturge” takes place in Warsaw in 1905, a few years before the beginning of the First World War. The player assumes the role of the titular Thaumaturg, which in Greek means one who performs the supernatural and can control demonic beings called Salutators.

However, Fool’s Theory wants these creatures to be more than just monsters controlled by players. The studio hopes to use these creatures to explore the “difficult subject of inner demons” and provide “morally ambiguous choices” to make players think about their actions. Each Salutator represents different elements of people’s inner demons, anger, pain, suffering, and more, giving players different ways to manipulate the world as well as its inhabitants.


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Fool’s Theory said that the game will take place in a thoroughly researched version of Warsaw, where players will be able to meet historical figures who influenced history. The city is described as a city of extravagance as well as a city of crime and violence, a place where evil can thrive.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Warsaw was under the control of the Russian Tsar, who was a ruthless imperialist, this occupation caused conflict with the local Polish townspeople as well as traveling merchants. These upheavals are also the perfect breeding ground for Thaumaturgists, as they are the only people who can see the Salutators who are born/attracted to these negative human traits. By taming these creatures, Thaumaturgists found a special place in society, using their power to manipulate their way to the top. The Fool’s Theory warns that the Salutators’ abilities should be used with caution, as even power seems to come at a price.

Demon Thaumturg

Game page on Steam describes the gameplay as a turn-based role-playing game where the player can use both their character’s physical attacks and the psychic attacks of their enthusiastic cheerleaders. This could mean that other thaumaturgists and ordinary people who cannot see tamed demons join the fight.

Combat won’t be the only way the player interacts with the world, as the game will also feature conversation and investigation mechanics. The player can influence conversations by using the power of the Greeters to bend the will of NPCs. While the characters’ connection to the shadow world allows them to investigate crime scenes in a way that normal people would never be able to pick up. All of these systems work together to create a rich world where every action has unparalleled consequences.

Thaumaturge is available for wishlist, but no release date is given. Fool’s Theory said more details will be sent during GDC in San Francisco in March.

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