The Fate 2 The recently released Veil quest “Parting the Veil”. Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, makes Guardians question Bungie’s decision to establish a timeline for core narrative story elements. The previous TWAB promised answers regarding veil in Destiny 2 Lightfall will be part of a questline in Season 21, but as many players have pointed out, Bungie failed to mention that this questline will be extended for several weeks. History enthusiasts are now disappointed that they will have to wait even longer FPS game to discover what drives one of the Fate 2The main points of the plot.

While Bungie never directly stated whether the quest would be self-contained or span several weeks, it seemed like it would model most of the non-seasonal story content. So this would mean that players would have the option to complete the entire quest at their own pace when it drops.

Bungie’s choice to extend such non-seasonal content (open to anyone who owns Lightfall, not just players who paid for Season of the Deep content) with a time limit seems to some in the community like a ploy to get players to return to games for several weeks as a way to increase your in-game time.

The Destiny 2 team’s decision not to provide answers regarding the Veil, a paracausal object once used by the Witness to create a portal of Light and Darkness but never explained in detail, has sparked controversy among launch players Destiny 2 Lightfall. The game teased his existence, but didn’t provide enough depth to give players clear motivations for his importance in the game’s overall plot.

Many Guardians expressed their frustration with the story of Lightfall due to the lack of clarity regarding the Veil, as many players struggled to understand their character’s motivations without a deeper understanding of this powerful element. Even YouTuber “Byf,” known as the “Lore Daddy” of the Destiny 2 community, made a powerful comment that any future communication regarding the Veil would be too little, too late.

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Although Destiny 2 Season of the Deep has a beautiful and dramatic start, some players believe that the Bungie team is suggesting that Season 21 will include a quest that explains the meaning of the Veil is misleading as it continues to slowly distribute content about the entity. Due to Bungie’s omission regarding the time-limited nature of the quest, those who want answers are now frustrated at the prospect of waiting even longer for answers to what they feel should have been addressed months ago in the game’s main Lightfall campaign content.

Pushing out content like this certainly gives the community a reason to keep talking about the game long after the seasonal content release. But given that this story isn’t meant to be seasonal content and is meant to be a continuation of Lightfall’s campaign storyline, it’s also disappointing for those who want to see a storyline they’ve already bought unfold over several longer sessions, as is common with more traditional approaches to gameplay, such as campaign-based RPGs. Ultimately, this strategy helps Bungie begin modeling the financial aspects of its live game. mobile game monetization tactics.

The timing of the Destiny 2 Veil quest frustrates the Guardians who want answers: a scene from Destiny 2

Fortunately, the quest seems to confirm that the answers are coming, as long as players can continue to be patient. While you wait for those answers, you still have plenty of time to find them Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics maybe you missed it.