AND Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm the problem is that the Exotic automatic rifle shoots like a sniper rifle FPS game, according to a video posted on Reddit by user StarinElm. In the video, Fate 2 the player uses Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm and its signature automatic scope, but fires powerful single shots like a sniper rifle.

Although the cause has not been confirmed, it appears to be part of a strange glitch that may have something to do with changes in the Download Destiny 2 or inventory exchange. However, at this point the problem cannot be fully reproduced and it remains unclear what exactly might be going on.

The YouTube account “Cheese Forever” has demonstrated a series of similar errors that indicate that a memory leak may be the cause. Even so, it seems that somehow, in limited cases, changing a weapon causes the weapon that takes its place to copy aspects of the original weapon in that slot. So, in the case of StarinElm, it would seem likely that they switched from the Quicksilver Storm to a sniper rifle, resulting in the weapon retaining the frame and aesthetics of the Quicksilver Storm, but firing like a sniper rifle.

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According to Cheese’s video, the crashes don’t seem to go away until players exit the game. As a slightly different issue, Cheese shows player Augie 1489 using energy weapons from a hand cannon and a pulse rifle, which features sniper zooming, which Cheese Forever notes “gives (them) more magnetism and long-range damage.”

Cheese then lists numerous similar crashes, including a player whose weapon was a mix of Prolonged Engagement and Revision Zero. They also showed a similar problem with abilities where the Guardian, whose Titan Thruster ability manifested as Warlock Strand Threadlings. These issues are often not reproducible, and Cheese suspects that the problem may be related to the number of active mods installed.

In response to the original Post on Redditplayers suggested that they had similar issues with Revision Zero, Hawkmoon, and Forerunner Exotics.

Most of the time, the glitches are just plain annoying and can lead to hilarious results, like the glitch in the Quicksilver Storm sniper rifle. However, numerous examples indicate that there appears to be a deeper problem, whether it is related to mods or something else entirely.

Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm is now apparently a sniper rifle: Image of the Quicksilver Storm automatic rifle.

Bungie’s development team has come under heavy criticism as players express frustration with the frequent downtime, bugs and crashes that seem to have increased since Lightfall’s launch. That hasn’t stopped players from playing though, as Steam’s player count shows that the average number of players remains higher than usual during the last week of the season.

Perhaps it is related to the expectations of others Destiny 2 season 21where players will revisit the long-lost destination of the Titans and are also promised a quest that will answer questions about the curtain in Destiny 2which is shrouded in mystery and the frustration of players who searched for answers by playing through multiplayer gameLightfall campaign.