In the collaboration special, fan favorite characters Goku and Luffy go head-to-head.

One of the biggest anime crossover episodes is finally getting a dubbed air date! A special episode that brings together Dragon Ball Z, One piece and Toriko translated into English and broadcast Swimming for adults‘s Toonami March 4, 2023.

The special aired in Japan in 2013. Ten years later, it finally gets an English-dubbed release in North America. The episode that will be airing soon on Toonami is called “Dream 9”. Toriko & One piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special.” Toei Animation announced the exciting news that the episode was finally dubbed in March of this year.

Three leading anime combined One piece Season 16 Episode 590 “The Strongest Partnership in History and the Greed of the Sea” finally sees the world’s most beloved heroes meet. Two of the strongest and noblest warriors, Luffy and Goku, are united in a fun and exciting episode.

crossover-one piece-x-dragon ball
Image via Toei

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Crossover wisely chose to combine the two goofballs of Luffy and Goku with Toriko, the amazing gourmet hunter. All three heroes enter the IGO tournament to win the tastiest meat in the world. The competition will eventually end with a tie between three strong and ruthless characters. As a tiebreaker, the three decide to fight. In the end, all three groups celebrate together. Of course, the creators were sure to include the gluttonous eating and drinking characters eating together.

The episode also features the beloved characters Vegeta, Piccolo, Zorro, Komatsu, Gohan, Usopp and Mr.Satan. The stubborn group of the group also decide to show their strength and engage in a friendly battle as their leaders compete in the tournament.

A lot has changed in the more than ten years since the episode first aired. Toriko It ended in 2014 with about 150 episodes. The Dragon Ball the franchise continues to grow with more series and movies, including the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. One piece It continues to air and stream on various platforms such as Netflix and Crunchyroll. The series has announced that it is currently in its final saga.

Fans can continue to enjoy it One piece Netflix plans to release the live-action series later this year. The series will have 10 episodes for Season 1 and will be executive produced by the creator of the manga. Eiichiro Oda next to Matt Owens, Steve Maeda, Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements.

Mark your calendars for a special crossover episode airing March 4, 2023 on Alt Swim’s Toonami. Meanwhile, check out a sneak peek of the Netflix live action. One piece adaptation: