The official trailer BlackBerry, an upcoming comedy-drama about the rise and fall of the first smartphone, is out. In the Canadian production, Jay Baruchel plays BlackBerry founder Mike Laziridis, who in 2002 was the CTO of Research In Motion, the company that released the first BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry also starring Glenn Howerton, known for playing Dennis It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, as Jim Balsillie, the company’s business executive. The film, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February to critical acclaim, is scheduled to hit theaters on May 12.


IFC films released the first trailer for Blackberry can be seen below:

The trailer depicts the meteoric rise of Laziridis after linking up with financially driven Balsillie, as well as the rapid decline of their products after Apple’s iPhone took over the industry. The film appears to be set in the mid-to-late 90s, and both leads have undergone physical transformations, with Baruchel wearing a silver wig and Howerton bald.

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Everything we know about BlackBerry

Glenn Howerton in Blackberry as Jim Balsillie

The trailer also introduces Laziridis’ co-star Douglas Fregin, who plays the film’s director, Matt Johnson. Fregin offers a revolutionary direction “Imagine a cell phone and email machine in one” in the trailer, it appears that the business shark convinced Balsillie to join the BlackBerry team. Johnson and producer Matthew Miller adapted the script from the book by Jacques Nish and Sean Silkoff. Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind BlackBerry’s Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall.

Cary Elwes portrays real-life businessman Karl Jankowski in the film, which was also selected for the “South by Southwest” film festival. coming up Mission Impossible Film. The cast BlackBerry Also featured is actor Saul Rubinek, best known for his starring role in Season 1 HuntersJohn Woodman, as Michael Ironside, is recognized by many for his various roles DC and Marvel projects, Charles Purdy, YouTuber SungWon Cho as Ritchie Cheung, and Michel Giroux as Dara Frankel.

Cinema Both Laziridis and Balsillie draw on their subject’s Canadian roots, as they hail from Canada. Johnson and Baruchel are both Canadian, as are many of the actors who play minor roles, with one American exception. Rich Sommer, a Mad Men alum Who will play Paul Stannos? The founders are described BlackBerry Other tech biopics don’t have likable titles Social network and Jobs enjoyed but should be well received based on early reactions.

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Source: IFC films