Google StadiaThe cloud streaming service, the last vestige of the platform’s original technology, was also shut down.

When Google Stadia was shut down earlier this year, it was announced that parts of the project’s cloud infrastructure would be used Google Cloud, and will be offered to third-party companies interested in this technology.

now, Axios reporter Steven Totilo reports that this latter center has also been closed. Since the repositioning of the Cloud streaming technology, there has been limited use of it, such as AT&T customers being offered a streaming version of Batman: Arkham Knight with certain packages.

The technology has also been used by non-gaming companies such as fitness giant Peloton to offer gamified versions of their workouts via the cloud, but the technology has also been shut down.

Announcement of plans to close Stadia in September 2022general manager of the platform Phil Harrison admitted that after the launch in November 2019, the service did not gain as much popularity among users as Google expected.

“A few years ago, we also launched the Stadia consumer gaming service. And while Stadia’s approach to consumer game streaming has been built on a strong technological foundation, it hasn’t been as popular with users as we expected, so we’ve made the difficult decision to begin winding down our Stadia streaming service.”

At the time of the closure announcement, Google also confirmed that it intends to refund all purchases of Stadia hardware made through the Google Store, and all purchases of games and additional content made through the Stadia store.

The closure of Stadia followed her decision shut down all your internal game development groups in 2021, which at the time was said to be made to focus on partnerships with third-party studios.

This decision was followed by several high-profile departures. Among them was the former head of Stadia games Jade RaymondWHO stayed to create a new studio called Havenwhich is supported Gaming console and since then hired six more former Stadia employees.