“It’s a whole new world.”

After years of traveling through the wilderness and survival camps, The Walking Dead heads to the Big Apple with The Walking Dead: Dead City. Series After Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and will have a different feel than the parent show that takes place two years later in a cut-down, tourist-infested concrete jungle in Manhattan, where new stories and threats emerge. Morgan, Cohan and the rest of the cast emphasize how different the big-city setting is in the new film, which Morgan shared on Twitter.

Interspersed between the cast and footage from the upcoming series, the film examines how each cast member reacts to the new setting. Cohan says it’s like a “whole new world,” where forests are replaced by tall, cold, concrete structures that loom with danger around every corner. Fear adds that how many people live there Gaius Charles This means that every building threatens to contain a miniature horde of walkers. Besides, Jelko Ivanek The energy of New York itself is strong. New York is the stereotypical big city filled with huge landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, bright lights and most of all, life. The sight of a dead city known for its hustle and bustle makes it all the more exciting. For Morgan, moving to the Empire State was fun and a new experience for him The Walking Dead.

During an interview with Collider himself Christina Raddish, Dead city pointer Eli Jorne reflected many opinions talking about his cast, adding that the show’s large urban structure introduces verticality and, most importantly, leaves no breathing room for the survivors. “In The Walking Deadthey fought a lot of walkers in the woods, but there were only so many woods where you could just walk and camp.

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However, the setting is not something that changes in the series. The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple Plus, the spinoff boasts some of the most terrifying, vomit-inducing tourists the franchise has ever known. Thrown into the complex and stifling structure of the big city, they make this trip to the Big Apple even more terrifying for the survivors.

Dead city Manages the collection The Walking Dead Spinoffs

Dead city recently set a June 2023 release window at AMC, putting it in the forefront of the future. The Walking Dead spinoffs. It’s not yet named Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) spin off production has recently started, setting it up for a 2024 premiere. There is more The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixonsend in sequence Norman ReedusHe left for France, where the premiere was held later this year. The first images Daryl wasted no time in getting into trouble in his new surroundings with a recent release.

We look forward to these sequels Walking Dead universe, check out the new feature film Dead city below.