It’s June tenth As Lionsgate releases its upcoming film, the fun turns into a horror-filled weekend a horror comedy Blackout. The film is about a group of black friends who get stuck in the middle of a game. Ahead of the June 16 premiere, Lionsgate released a new trailer for the feature.

In Blackout, our core group heads to a remote cabin in the woods for what they think will be a fun-filled ten-day weekend. Of course, their vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when a mysterious killer traps them in a cabin and forces them to participate in a potentially deadly game. Soon the group realizes that the game is anything but, they fight to protect themselves and stop the killer. According to Lionsgate, the film “subverts genre tropes and poses the ironic question: If the entire cast of a horror film were black, who would die first?”


where the first trailer focusing solely on the events of the film, the final film combines new and old footage with audience reactions from early screenings. The trailer opens with the group entering the ominously labeled ‘game room’, they discover an extremely racist board game that wants to make their lives hell. As the trailer progresses, a few new shots are added, primarily in the form of nonsensical lines, including one character noting what Black Twitter was thinking. There is more more cutting taunted the core group, and they took another look at how they were starting to build their defenses. Meanwhile, the audience will react to some of the big scenes of the trailer.

Grace Byers is blacking out
Image via Lionsgate

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The team behind Blackout

Blackout Greetings from the minds behind films like Barber shop, Girls tripand television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Screenplay and scriptwriter Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkinsbased on Comedy Central Sketch of the same name. managed by Tim Story. Oliver and Story were produced together E. Brian Dobbins, Marcey A. Brown, Jason Clarkeand Sharla Sumpter Bridgett. The cast includes Perkins. Ivan Orji, Jay Pharaoh, Grace Byers, Jermaine Fowler, X Mayo, The walls of Sinqua, Melvin Greggand Antoinette Robertson.

Perkins said at the Toronto International Film Festival Collider Steve Weintraub On why subverting horror tropes is important to him and the film:

“It’s about taking these tropes and being able to figure out what makes them complicated, what gives them depth, and then forcing that into a movie so that when you start watching it, you see what happened in horror movies before, and then you see the purpose of the movie these characters. is to break down your assumptions about yourself by constantly deepening them.”

Blackout Premiere in theaters on June 16. Watch the new trailer below: