Release date announcement trailer Bethesda Game Studios’ an ambitious role-playing game in deep space Starfield has been around for a couple of months now, starting with a huge black ship flying past the planet. But how big is it? It’s a question at least one excited fan has given a lot of thought to, and they’ve just released their estimate, along with the math to back it up.

The question of the ship’s length was first raised on Sunday in a post on the Starfield Reddit. The question received more than 130 responses, though none of them took the question too seriously, with those who weighed in varying in their responses from “Cuppa feet” to “One ship long, one wide.” But at least one person took the opportunity to make a more educated guess, as Reddit user LorefieldMitch presented the argument that the featured Starfield ship is as tall as the Empire State Building in New York (1,454 feet, or roughly 443 meters , if anyone is interested.)

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If you’re excited about Starfield but aren’t sure which ship we’re talking about, this is the one the video below begins with:

While the trailer leaves the scale pretty vague—the only obvious points of reference are a pair of planets and the sun at an indeterminate distance—LorfieldMitch tried to get to the heart of the matter by looking at the smaller picture rather than the larger one. . And he also used an official source, comparing the bright light coming from the ship to an official piece of concept art (seen here at the 6:11 mark), which Bethesda released over a year ago, featuring a woman resting in a circular window aboard a starship.

Window concept art by Starfield

Estimating this window to be about four and a half feet in diameter based on the scale of the reclining woman and her snoozing cat, LorfieldMitch then measured the size of one of the identical lights on the exterior of the ship, comparing it to the length of the entire ship. and concluded that the ship was approximately 1,250 feet long, or about 381 meters for users of the metric system. You can read the full assessment here.

Although the estimate of the ship’s size is far from official, it has sparked debate among the community. Despite the calculations, most people were skeptical that the ship would be this large, with some citing that the size of the cabin at the front of the ship was too large for these huge measurements. Still, others were appreciative of the effort put into the measurements, with Reddit user Automatic_Name_431 replying, “Okay, that’s a better answer than bitter fathoms.”

And although most people who respond to the post are not sure that there is a large ship what Starfield itself is expected to be completely massive with the recorded a dialogue system that is absolutely depressing Siblings Bethesda Skyrim and Fallout 4 and mechanics that straddle the line between hard sci-fi and sci-fi fantasy. If you’re interested in learning more about Starfield, Bethesda has planned a full demo around it, streaming on June 11th, and we’ll finally get a chance to play it when it is released on September 6.

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