Looking for the best Warzone 2 weapons? If you’re trying to increase your chances of winning the game, gear up and focus on your current meta weapon. While you can rely entirely on floor loot and enemy drops, you’ll find it easier to take down opponents with weapons you’ve had the chance to practice with.

The best weapon in Warzone 2 is the ISO Hemlock. With a decent rate of fire, almost no recoil, and high damage, there really isn’t a better weapon to take to Al Mazra than the ISO Hemlock right now. With over 50 weapons to choose from, we’re going to highlight what makes the best guns Warzone 2 stand out from the rest of the competition. Here are the best guns in Warzone 2, including optimized gear for most weapons and tips for using them in free computer game.

The best weapons in Warzone 2

The best weapons in Warzone 2:

Tsuga ISO

  • Barrel: Fielder-T50
  • Muzzle: Harbringer D20
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V laser
  • Magazine: 45 round mag
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90

ISO Hemlock was released alongside Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded and rose to the top of the charts extremely quickly. The Hemlock’s rate of fire isn’t quite as high as the M13B’s, but its damage output and recoil control more than make up for it. This is currently the best mid-range assault rifle in Battle Royale.

The best M4 gear in Warzone 2: The M4, one of the most recognizable assault rifles in the Call of Duty series, as it appears in Warzone 2.


  • Muzzle: Herald D20
  • Barrel: Hightower 20” Barrel
  • Optics: SZ Vykhor-90
  • Under the barrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Magazine: Drum for 50 cartridges

A fan favorite and a great all-rounder, the M4 is considered the best weapon in Warzone 2 due to its versatility. The base damage, recoil, and clip size provide the perfect platform for self-expression, and once you unlock the optional attachments, you can truly make this assault rifle your own. We have made some fundamental changes in the best warzone 2 m4 gear compared to the version featured in Modern Warfare to reflect the size of Al Mazra. As a result, we chose a long-range device to fight enemies at a distance of 50 meters and more.

Modern Warfare 2 Best Gear BAS-P: A side view of an MPX-like machine gun


  • Muzzle: XTEN RR-40
  • Barrel: 12” Bruen SZ-36
  • Laser: Fast 1 MW laser
  • Magazine: Drum for 50 cartridges
  • Back handle: D37 Handle

The BAS-P is one of the newest Warzone 2 pistols that was recently introduced to the game in the Warzone 2 season 1. Looks like snipers have found the perfect companion for their long-range weapons. We’ve set up this SMG to blast any approaching enemies at close range, although you can take on mid-range enemies if you’re feeling confident. our best warzone 2 BAS-P gear also worth a look if you want to trade mobility and shop size for improved accuracy stats.

Best Download Warzone 2 P890


  • Muzzle: DZS Open Comp
  • Laser: Pistol laser with a power of 1 MW
  • Back handle: Akimbo P890
  • Magazine: 12-round mag
  • Trigger action: Bruen Express

It might seem a little strange to have a pistol on the list of the best Warzone 2 pistols, but these little beauties are absolutely devastating in close combat, especially if you’re using the akimbo attachment. Unerring accuracy up to five meters, pressure the enemy with your primary weapon, then pull out the P890 to finish the job. We have best download Warzone 2 P890 here if you want a full breakdown of the attachments.

Warzone 2 Best Sniper: MCPR-300 stock, side view


  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper
  • Barrel: 22” OMX-456
  • Laser: Schalger PEQ Box IV
  • Ammunition: explosive cartridges
  • Magazine: 5-round mag

Al Mazrah’s sheer size lends itself well to sniping, so you’ll need a weapon that can crush your enemies no matter how far away they are. This build is capable of knocking out enemies with a single headshot thanks to the added impact of explosive rounds. However, this lowers your bullet speed, so the trade-off for one-shot kills is that it’s much harder to maintain accuracy. Check it out best warzone MCPR 300 gear for the ideal attachments and why they are used on this beast of a sniper rifle.

All Warzone 2 weapons

Our list features every weapon available in its respective weapon class, including the order in which each weapon is unlocked.

Call of Duty Warzone 2's Best Assault Rifles: A female soldier emerges from a jeep with a machine gun

Assault rifles

  • M4 (player level 4)
  • TAQ-56 (player level 19)
  • Kastov-762 (player level 23)
  • STB-556 (player level 41)
  • Lachmann-556 (reach level 13 with Lachmann-762)
  • Kastov-545 (reach level 10 with Kastov-762)
  • Kastov-74u (reach level 13 with Kastov-545)
  • M13B (can be unlocked in season 1 by completing the weapon unlock quest)
  • Chimera (can be unlocked in season 1 by completing the weapon unlock quest)
  • ISO Hemlock (Season 2 Battle Pass)

Combat rifles

  • Lachmann-762 (player level 16)
  • FTAC Recon (reach level 13 with M4)
  • S0-14 (reach level 12 with EBR-14)
  • TAQ-V (reach level 11 with TAQ-56)


  • Vel 46 (player level 4)
  • PDSW 528 (Player Level 5)
  • Fenech 45 (player level 38)
  • FSS Hurricane (reach level 16 with FTAC Recon)
  • Lachmann Sub (reach level 12 with Lachmann-556)
  • Vaznev-9K (reach level 15 with Kastov-74u)
  • Minibak (reach level 14 with Vaznev-9K)
  • MX9 (reach level 13 with STG-556)
  • BAS-P (Unlocked in Season 1 Battle Pass)

Warzone 2 Gulag: A soldier is hiding behind a concrete barrier while another soldier is looking for him from behind a van.

Sniper rifles

  • MCPR-300 (player level 4)
  • Signal 50 (player level 44)
  • LA-B 330 (reach level 16 with SA-B 50)
  • SP-X 80 (reach level 17 with LA-B 330)
  • Victus XMR (Unlocked in Season 1 Battle Pass)

Marksman rifles

  • EBR-14 (player level 4)
  • SP-R 208 (player level 7)
  • Lockwood MK2 (player level 28)
  • SA-B 50 (reach level 13 with SP-R 208)
  • LM-S (reach level 16 with Lachmann-762)
  • TAQ-M (reach level 20 with TAQ-56)
  • Crossbow (Season 2)
  • Tempus Torrent (Season 2)


  • Sakin M.G. (player level 4)
  • RAAL MG (player level 25)
  • 556 Icarus (reach level 18 with M4)
  • RAPP H (reach level 16 with Lachmann-556)
  • RPK (reach level 16 with Kastov 762)
  • HCR 56 (reach level 20 with STG-556)

Warzone 2 Release Time: The operator looks down at the sights of his weapon


  • Bryson 800 (player level 4)
  • Expedite 12 (player level 9)
  • Lockwood 300 (player level 36)
  • Bryson 890 (reach level 16 with Bryson 800)
  • KV Broadside (Combat Pass Season 2)


  • P890 (player level 4)
  • .50 GS Handgun (player level 13)
  • X12 (player level 31)
  • Basilisk (player level 39)
  • X13 Auto (reach level 10 with X12)


  • PILA (player level 4)
  • STRELA-P (player level 14)
  • JOKR (player level 24)
  • RPG-7 (player level 32)


  • Combat Knife (Player Level 17)
  • Riot Shield (player level 37)

That’s it, these are the best Warzone 2 weapons to get when you hit the battlefield. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out ours Warzone 2 map a guide to explore every point of interest in Al Mazra. There are also strongholds and black sites players have to deal with multiplayer game – these zones contain rewards for winning the games, but first you have to go through waves of AI enemies.