Intergalactic travel has always been an incredible part Mass effect franchise The game has many incredible ships and stations sparked the imagination of countless people around the world, allowing players to observe and even pilot some of the most amazing aircraft in the galaxy.

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Each race has its own approach to building starships, each with its own unique architecture and vehicle style. However, it is interesting to note that all civilizations follow guidelines for vehicle sizes, from shuttles to dreadnoughts. Depending on the player’s choices, many of these ships could be seen together during the climax of the Shepard saga.



8 Geth Dreadnought

Geth Dreadnought

The Geth have been at the center of the conflict since the beginning of the series. How it evolved a form of artificial intelligencethe geth excel at coordination and therefore have created a large number of powerful dreadnoughts to fight other races, as well as to transport large numbers of troops over long distances.

The Geth do not follow the Citadel’s rules for building ships and have no size or number limits, which has caused them to build more and larger ships than some other civilizations. Also, without any organic restrictions, they are only limited by available resources and troops when creating ships, giving them a huge advantage.

7 Turian Dreadnought

Turian ship

The Turians have been a powerful military force for many years, with their large fleet divided into 32 fleets. They were through a series of wars and clashes, which helped them perfect their warships over the centuries. These impressive vessels are known for their distinctive avian appearance, with sharp corners, clumsy wings and a shiny metal hull, somewhat reminiscent of the avian origins of the turian species.

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Turian starships are known for their exceptional speed, agility and firepower, making them a formidable presence on the battlefield. With advanced weapon systems, state-of-the-art shields and powerful propulsion, Turian Dreadnoughts are the pinnacle of their star navigation and are capable of engaging in space and planetary combat with extreme efficiency.

6 Shadow broker ship

Shadow broker ship

The Shadow Broker has been an incredibly powerful figure in the universe for years, masterfully wielding information to manipulate entire civilizations. This is the direction of work tends to make many enemiesand the Shadow Broker’s ship played a huge part in avoiding them all for so long.

The ship is located on the planet Hagalaz, where the weather is extremely inclement, ranging from hot to sub-zero temperatures. The only habitable area is a constant storm that constantly generates lightning wherever it goes. The Shadow Broker’s ship is equipped to harness the power of lightning strikes and withstand the planet’s extreme conditions. The ingenious design of the ship protected its owner for years.

5 Quarian Liveship


The Quarians have the largest fleet in the known galaxy, with over 50,000 ships as part of the migration fleet. Being a nomadic society, Quarians are forced to live entirely on their ships, which involves finding ways to produce food and other resources to continue their existence.

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The ships are fully responsible for the Quarians’ food production, among other things. There are 3 such ships in the flotilla and the loss of even one would be a disaster for the Quarians, so they are the most protected vessels in the entire flotilla. These ships were not intended to participate in conflicts at all. Nevertheless, they were equipped with heavy weaponry and protection during the Reapers’ last stand, a testament to the Quarians’ dedication to the cause.

4 Collectible cruiser

Collectible cruiser

This infamous ship, along with the Shepard, bears sole responsibility for the destruction of the first Normandy, effectively smashing her defenses and tearing her to pieces. The ship acts as a transport vessel for the Collectors and their many victims as well a powerful intergalactic battle station.

The otherworldly design of the ship adds a lot to the atmosphere of the second game, as it is a symbol of all the terrible things that the Reapers and Collectors do. The ship continues to haunt players throughout the game, actively destroying, baiting, and engaging Shepard in a long and difficult battle.

3 Fate of the Ascension

Fate of the Ascension

Destiny Ascension is the Asari flagship of the Citadel’s fleet, wielding impressive power. With approximately 10,000 men on board, its destructive capabilities are comparable to the rest of the Asari fleet. It is a unique and beautiful Starship that reflects many of Azari’s unique features with its outstanding design.

During the events of the first Mass effect In the game, players have the choice to either save Destiny Ascension with the council, or save the human fleet, which would otherwise suffer heavy losses. If players choose to rescue him, the Asari will use him to aid in the final standoff in the third game, greatly strengthening the galaxy’s combined efforts.

2 Sovereign


Sovereign is the very first Reaper players will ever encounter, starting with the events of the first game and setting the overall story in motion. As a ship, it has immense power, requiring the entire Citadel fleet, as well as the Alliance and the Normandy itself, to join forces to bring it down.

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Aside from raw firepower, what the Sovereign is capable of influencing and teaching people and machines, which can be much more dangerous than rockets and laser beams. With this ability, Sovereign caused massive chaos and destruction long before he fired a single shot.

1 Normandy


During the events of the “Normandy” saga, it went through several iterations and reconstructions. Originally, the very first Normandy was developed by the Alliance with the help of the Turians. The ship boasts incredible speed and a unique ability to cloak itself in space, hiding its heat signature.

The Normandy served well as Shepard’s primary vehicle a major hub for many operations. It is not only a formidable warship, but also a symbol of hope and unity among different aliens. The Normandy played a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the galaxy, getting Shepard out of situations where no other ship would have been enough, and remains an icon for many fans of the series.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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