Owl is one of the best initiators in the world Valorant, and it can be effective on most maps in the game. Although not a major advantage on Lotus, the agent can still perform decently if you are well equipped with different lineups to surprise your opponents.

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Essentially, learning the lineups to properly use his Reveal can provide much needed information to your team. However, finding and getting to know them can take a lot of time and you have to do it spend hours practicing them in special games. To make it easier, the following section lists some of the best ones for you to learn about.

This list is in no particular order.



10 B Site disclosure (attack)

Screenshot B Main Reveal (Attack)

If your team plans to attack site B during the attack, this Reveal lineup can help you a lot. It may not seem very easy to learn, but you can practice for five to ten minutes to understand it.

To begin with, you must position yourself on the first box in front of the attacker’s spawn and stick to the wall. Once you’ve done that, you should line up the Owl Drone icon as shown in the image and the single dart bar. This will open the site.

9 B Site Retake Reveal (Protection)

Screenshot B Site Retake Reveal (Protection).

B Site Retake Reveal by B Upper is a simple but effective line. This will reveal the positions of every opponent on the Site and you will only have to worry about the enemies present on A Main and A Link.

If you’re trying to pull this off, you can peek a bit with B Upper and release the dart at full charge to complete an easy line. You have to be careful though, because if you go a little wider, you can expose yourself to the B Main and the opponent holding your corner can easily kill you.

8 Uncovering the site tree (attack)

Screenshot of A Tree Reveal (attack)

The tree is where you can usually find defenders, so learning Reveal for that can work wonders when your team plans to execute site A. Using this, your teammates can open doors and swing if the opponent is playing a certain spot.

To find out about location A’s tree reveal, look a little to the right side of the Rubble and place the crosshairs on the greenish pattern you’ll find on the wall across from you. You can then fully charge the dart and use it with double bounce.

7 Main discovery (defense)

Screenshot of A Main Reveal (protection)

This is the simplest A Main Reveal for the Lotus map in Valorant, and you can use it as soon as the round starts to prepare your team for a possible A execution from the attackers. If any enemies are near the revolving door, your teammate can spam through them and even get a kill.

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At the start of the round, move slightly to the right of the wall in front of you and perform a full charge. Opponents usually won’t be able to pick up on this, but after a few rounds you should mix things up as they can expect you to use it.

6 Uncovering a snapshot of the tree (protection)

Screenshot of A Retake Reveal (Protection)

Retaking A can be difficult in a post-plant situation, and your team must carefully determine the angles to achieve this. Having A Retake Reveal in your play can come in handy as it will give you information on where your opponents are on the Site.

To do this, glue the beginning of the left side of the wall and make a cross between the sheets. The problematic element here would be to first jump and then release the dart in one touch without any significant charge.

5 Basic Disclosure (Attack)

A Main Reveal (Attack) screenshot

Many defensive players tend to play aggressively on the A court and try to push the main A early in the round. As a result, studying this Major Disclosure can help you learn about the positions of those who are ready to go forward.

To align the dart, stick to the left side of the round start barrier and aim at the bottom of the leaf structure. In terms of charge, you need to make sure you hit two bars, as anything lower or higher will mean you miss.

4 C Site Reveal (attack)

Screenshot C Site Reveal (attack)

As your team prepares to attack C Site, you must know C Site to provide important information about the opponents present there. Learning the composition for this will reduce the number of angles you have to check.

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This Reveal is comparatively simpler than most and you have to go to the corner of the boxes present on C Main. Then position the scope towards the entrance as shown in the photo above and finally line up with a full charge with two bounces.

3 C Basic Disclosure (Protection)

Screenshot C Main Reveal (Defense)-2

Doing an early C Main Reveal can be useful in determining enemy presence at C Site. You can use a simple lineup to accomplish the same thing, or else you’ll have the opportunity to explore a different running option.

For a simpler and more commonly used option, you can position yourself at the starting barrier and look to the left until you see leaf pixels on the screen. Eventually, once your sight is properly positioned, you can release the dart completely.

2 C Backsite Reveal (attack)

Screenshot C Backsite Reveal (Attack)

In addition to the C Site Reveal mentioned above, you can find out the C Backsite Reveal to know if any opponents are waiting for you behind the site. It’s a particularly stingy place to clear, and using this Discovery will let your teammates know what they’re up against.

This line starts from a position similar to the C Site position, and you have to move forward a bit until you see a wall on the other side. After that you can just use the dart at full charge with one bounce.

1 C Site Retake Reveal (Protection)

Screenshot of C Site Reveal (Protection)

If you approach site C for a reshoot from the waterfall side, you’ll use this incredible Reveal to help your team. You and your teammates can then use flares to try to regain control of the Site and neutralize the Spike.

While trying to do this, you have to stick to the wall and move slightly to the left until you see water pouring down. Once you line up the intersection correctly, perform a double bounce with a full charge to reveal the location of the enemies in the Site.

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