The four classic elements—water, earth, fire, and air—form the basis of most elemental forces in anime. Subsets of these categories include sand manipulation and lightning control, among others. In many series, the ability to control sand is one of the most underutilized elemental arts, despite the fact that it can be just as devastating as earth manipulation in the right hands, and can be used in many different contexts.

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Over time, you like the characters One pieceSir Crocodile and BleachGanju Shiba pushes the boundaries of what it means to manipulate sand as an element. Being able to control sand and use it to build things or even extract moisture from living things is a terrifying ability. Fans have a lot of respect for characters who can control sand because of what they can do with it.


7 Sandman


The premiere of the South Korean anime series is in the third season Shinbi’s apartment, the Sandman antagonist is shown to be a master of sand manipulation. The main characters of the anime series “Haunted House” are two siblings who move into a house with a reputation for paranormal phenomena. The siblings must defeat several ghosts, including the Sandman.

Sandman looks like a plague doctor with a crow-like head and crimson glowing eyes. His sand abilities are more magical than elemental, as he more often takes the form of sand rather than exerting direct control over it. Besides putting children to sleep forever, the Sandman can also control crows to terrorize them forever.

6 Gaara

Gaara is the Fifth Kazekage

As one of the most famous anime characters, Gaara stands out among the many who can control sand. It was created for the massively successful Naruto the anime Gaara, the main character of the anime series, is gone to be an antagonist to the respected shinobi leader.

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Gaara can shape sand in a variety of ways, and his talents are powerful and varied. He can use his sand manipulation skills to attack from a distance or up close. To guarantee access to the sand even in difficult conditions, Gaara carries a massive sand pumpkin on his back. Compared to other anime characters with sand manipulation abilities, Gaara’s character is unique in that it allows him to perform actions such as creating sand shadow clones of himself.

5 Crocodile

Crocodile from One Piece

Sir Crocodile is a major and recurring character in the popular One piece anime series. After eating the Sand Sand logia devil fruit, Crocodile gained the ability to produce, control, and transform his body into sand. His crocodile sand power has incredible range and adaptability. He has the ability to make sand blades as sharp and strong as swords, as well as sand storms so violent that they eventually escape his control, killing living beings through dehydration.

Being in the desert seems to improve Crocodile’s sand abilities. Due to the large amount of sand in the deserts, the Crocodile is able to find hidden rivers and detect any movement below the surface. Although Crocodile can use sand to his advantage in almost any situation, most liquids reduce his sand powers, giving your opponents a window of opportunity. On the other hand, exploiting a vulnerability that Crocodile knows about is much more difficult.

4 Sand hero jerk

My Hero Academia Sand Hero Snatch aka Sajin Higawara

Quirks, or special abilities, are commonplace in the fictional world My heroic academy series Due to the wide spread of human abilities, both heroes and villains are widespread. Sajin Higawara (hero name Snatch) was one of the many heroes who possessed the Sandstorm Quirk.

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The sandstorm quirk was Snatch’s way of turning his upper body into sand. With the help of his thoughts, he could direct the flow of sand and give it various forms. Given that Tomura Shigaraki’s Decay Whim required him to touch an object with all five fingers, Snatch was one of the few professional heroes able to defeat him prior to his transformation.

3 Ganju Shiba

Shiba Ganju's stern face

As depicted in Bleach, a famous high-level anime, Ganju Shiba is a member of the former noble Shiba clan. Ganju has a wide range of skills, including those related to hand-to-hand combat. Its ability to transform different materials the sand is awe-inspiring. To use this power, he makes a quivering current sign, which is the symbol of the Shiba clan.

When Ganju first appeared in Bleach anime, he used his sand powers for protection, turning walls into sand to escape. However, as the series progressed, he showed that his sand abilities could also be used offensively by sinking Ichigo’s Zangetsu (moon-slicing sword) into the ground.

2 Agile Raml

Ajeel Raml controls the sand

In the anime series Tale, Ajeel Rahml is known as the “King of the Desert” for his exceptional skill with sand magic. As Sir Crocodile from One piece and Gaara with NarutoAjeel is a powerful sand manipulator with skills that can be used in a variety of ways.

Agil has the ability to turn his body into sand, build sand golems, detect the presence of creatures in or near the sand, and unleash devastating sandstorms on entire cities. As an added bonus, Ajeel can draw moisture from any living object by touching it. He is a formidable foe due to his superior sand manipulation skills and his brutal love of battle, but he is also arrogant due to his superiority complex.

1 Iggy

Iggy in Stardust Crusaders

in The strange adventure of Jojo, only the main characters have the power of resistance. Because the racks are the materialization of the character’s life energy, they take the form of otherworldly creatures with unique combat abilities. As shown by Iggy, a stray Boston terrier, animals in the anime series occupy positions similar to those of their human counterparts.

Iggy’s Rack, aptly named “The Fool,” is a sand rack. The Fool’s body is formed by manipulating the sand and dust found in its natural habitat. Iggy also uses the Fool to create constructs such as sand shields, swords, golems, or wings. He can also change the shape of anything and change the color of the sand accordingly.

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