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While many talented voice actors have voiced the Caped Crusader, it’s hard to beat the legendary Kevin Conroy in the title role. For the many fans who grew up watching the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated SeriesKevin Conroy represented the typical Dark Knight, at least in animated form.

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Although Kevin Conroy had manyBatman– credits associated with his name, it was his work that voiced the greatest detective in the world, for which he was best known. It’s hard to pick Conroy’s best performances as Batman given that the actor has brought a level of skill to the role that’s hard to match. However, fans will not go wrong with their choice.

Updated November 20, 2022 by Mark Hospodar: The Dark Knight fans were recently dealt a sad blow by the news of Kevin Conroy’s death at the age of 66. For many, Kevin Conroy has represented the definitive voice of Batman since the beloved animated series debuted in 1992.

Conroy’s performance as Batman created a fan response that will likely never happen again. As his most famous role, Kevin Conroy has had dozens of great Batman voiceovers that will live on. This list has been updated to include a few more worthy entries that fans of the incomparable late actor should not miss.


9/9 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Batman Phantasm Mask

Currently, the DC Animated Universe is filled with many films. Among them, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was the first and perhaps also one of the best. inspired by success Animated series, Phantasm Mask is a feature-length Batman adventure starring Kevin Conroy at the helm and Mark Hamill’s incomparable Joker.

The film revolves around a mysterious figure who kills several of Gotham City’s most notorious criminals. Through flashbacks, fans also witness Bruce Wayne’s first attempts at fighting crime before settling on the “Batman” persona. Bruce’s relationship with his then-girlfriend Andrea Beaumont is also explored. It is at such moments that Conroy plays, perhaps, at his best.

8/9 Batman of the future

Batman Beyond: The Movie, Rebirth

When discussing Kevin Conroy’s animated forays as the Dark Knight, it’s important not to forget Batman of the futureseries set in the same universe as Animated series. The show revolves around Terry McGinnis, a young man who has inherited the mantle of Batman from an aging Bruce Wayne.

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Although the focus of the series shifts to the new Batman, Bruce still has a prominent role as Terry’s mentor. fans Animated series enjoy a new take on the familiar character of Conroy, acting as a wiser and more world-weary being than before. Even though Bruce personally hung the hood, it’s hard not to enjoy the dynamic between the new Batman and the old one.

7/9 Unjust gods among us

Old games worth playing in 2022 - Injustice - Gods Among Us - Batman uses a batarang against an opponent

Kevin Conroy’s appearances as Batman weren’t limited to television shows. He also had several video games, the most famous of which, understandably, is Arkham trilogy. However, fans would be missed if they missed Unjust gods among us and its sequel, both of which featured Conroy as the voice of Batman.

These games include a wide variety of characters from the DC Universe. Of course, Batman also plays a prominent role. In the alternate universe, the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane. A traumatic event prompts the Man of Steel to establish a dictatorship in which all crime is ruthlessly eradicated. Batman, along with a team of other heroes, lead the resistance against Superman’s oppressive rule.

6/9 Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman Killing Joke

Batman comics have many memorable and famous storylines. The graphic novel often cited by DC fans as one of the greatest Batman stories is Alan Moore’s. Killer joke. This is a brutal story in which the Joker paralyzes Barbara Gordon and subjects her father, Commissioner Gordon, to several acts of psychological torture.

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In 2016, the story received an animated film adaptation. Best shown in the movie Animated series stalwarts Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, who reprized their iconic roles as Batman and Joker respectively. It’s great to hear these two voice actors interact in a more adult-oriented setting outside of a more kid-friendly environment. Animated series. While the film uses some creative license on the source material, it’s never a bad idea to get Conroy and Hamill together for a Batman adventure.

5/9 Batman and Mr. Freeze: SubZero

Batman Mr. Freeze SubZero

Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s most notorious villains, appearing regularly in Animated series. Of all these appearances, the episode “Heart of Ice” is still acclaimed as one of the best, portraying Mr. Freeze as a far more likable and subtle con artist, especially for a children’s TV show.

Batman and Mr. Freeze: SubZero continues the saga revolving around Freeze’s attempts to cure his wife Nora of a terminal illness. Even though this is a film aimed at children, it is still mature enough to appeal to an adult audience as well. Of course, the film’s strengths are further highlighted by the superb voice acting, with Kevin Conroy playing a central role.

4/9 Batman: Gotham Knight


With the abundance of DC animated films currently available, it can be easy to overlook. Batman: Gotham Knightwhich was released in 2008. The film was created by four different Japanese studios and consists of six interconnected stories about the Dark Knight. I wonder what the stories told inside Gotham knight take place within Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Universe.

However, Christian Bale does not voice Batman. Instead, Kevin Conroy once again introduced listeners to his iconic voice. In each of the six stories, Batman faces a new threat. Although Gotham Knights It may not be Conroy’s most famous foray into animated Batman films, but he still delivered the same excellent quality of Batman that fans will appreciate.

3/9 Arkham Trilogy

Fighting enemies in Batman: Arkham City

Fans who want to see Kevin Conroy’s best performance as Batman outside of movies or TV need look no further than Rocksteady. Arkham trilogy. While players will inevitably decide differently which game is the best, one aspect that remains the same across all three games is the excellent voice acting.

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To say that Conroy sounds natural in this role would be an understatement. His lines sound flawless and with the same steely determination that characterized his early outings as Batman so well. It can be a long time before another video game supplants Arkham titles as a typical Batman experience. Conroy’s contribution as the voice of the Dark Knight plays a big role in this assessment.

2/9 Batman: Rise of Xing Tzu

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Remake Gameplay Co-op Gotham Knights

Conroy is working on Arkham The video game trilogy is rightfully considered one of his best works. Thus, as a result, the old video games with Conroy as the Dark Knight fell into obscurity. One great example Batman: Rise of Xing Tzubeat em’ up action game from 2003 set in the same universe as Animated series.

At that time, Sin Tzu Rebellion received very average reviews from critics and the game was seemingly forgotten. It has since gained cult classic status for its hilarious cooperative gameplay and voice actors for familiar characters. Animated seriesincluding Kevin Conroy. Any nostalgic gamer who enjoys revisiting old games should not ignore Sin Tzu Rebellion.

1/9 Batman: The Animated Series

Batman from the animated series

Readers are probably not overly surprised by the inclusion of this entry in the list. Kevin Conroy’s first experience with the Dark Knight was also his best. The fact that Conroy sounded so natural as Batman without bordering on ridiculous was a testament to the actor’s prowess in the lead role.

The difference between Bruce Wayne and Batman is simple. Conroy’s voice as Bruce was light and almost playful. Like Batman, he lowered his voice to a logical degree, but it didn’t sound like he was trying to cough up a few nails. It’s a delicate balance that other actors have struggled to get right. Animated series is rightfully considered a beloved classic, thanks in no small part to Kevin Conroy’s voice acting.

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