PlayStation trophy hunters looking for some achievements to enjoy have been treated to some outstanding options in January.

For some Gaming console users, trophy hunting is a legitimate hobby. Although many PSN users will ignore Sony achievement system All in all, those who care about the system can be very enthusiastic about expanding their collections. While easy trophy games can help players increase their trophy count, and challenging trophies can be something to be proud of, players looking for an enjoyable hunt with a decent payout also have several options.


As always, January 2023 brought players a large number of new game releases, and as expected, these games featured trophy lists for Gaming console work lovers. PlayStation Plus highlights have also provided their fair share of nice trophies to collect, and hunting them down should be an effort that ends with a smile or a sigh of relief.

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The most valuable trophies to collect in the main games for PS Plus in January 2023

Fallout 76 logo over power armor helmet

In RPG as in Fallout franchisecharacter leveling is the core gameplay, and Fallout 76 no different. While it takes some work, players who hit level 100 in Fallout Forever will probably feel some satisfaction as the Trophy is a clear symbol of how much time they’ve spent with the game. Being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion is sure to be memorable, and since nukes are a late game activity, Ground Zero is a nice trophy. Another trophy that fits this description is the Pioneer Scout, as exploring enough to unlock 100 fast travel locations will make moving around the map much easier. In turn, the instant gameplay will be more satisfying when this Trophy is unlocked.

Not only does Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features of some funny PlayStation Trophies, but it also gives its players a few useful ones to work with. For example, with a fully grown terrarium for Green Thumb, players will need to find 10 different plants throughout the game. They then have to wait for them to grow up, which makes for a time-consuming task that players will be working on for a long time. Finding all of the BD-1 Stim Cans for the Medical Droid is just as rewarding as it takes a lot of effort. As for combat, there are some great trophies to work towards, like 100 dodge accuracy for “It’s Untouchable” and killing an enemy with your own arrow for the “What’s Going Around…” achievement.

For fans of indie games, Axiom Edge 2 offers some challenging trophies which can be worked on, but there are also a few nice ones. All the “100%” trophies for collecting items are nice grinds, and going through the game without defeating a single big boss for the Pacifist is a rewarding experience. Similarly, beating the game in 6 hours or rentals for “Overclocked” is a fun challenge, even if it’s not too difficult to do.

The most valuable trophies to collect in the new releases of January 2023

Forspoken Key Art, a free Steam DLC item

Phenomenal remake from EA Motive Deadspot has a couple of good trophies to collect. First, getting the Mastery Service Override for “Full Clearance” is definitely rewarding, as players can then go back through USG Ishimura to unlock several locked crates. Search all token fragments for DeadspotThe Alternate Ending and Reunion Trophy are also satisfying, as they make New Game Plus worthwhile. Finally, there’s Maxed Out, which is probably the most rewarding trophy on the list. In order to fully upgrade Isaac’s entire arsenal, players will need to collect most of the nodes within two playthroughs and buy the rest from the shop. Considering how much effort it takes, “Maximum Result” is a definite achievement.

Although Forspoken it’s a divisive game thanks to what many have called “creepy” dialogue and storytelling, the game has some great trophies to collect. For example, defeating four abominations for the Abominizer is quite an achievement, as they are the strongest enemies in the games. While they aren’t too difficult, taking down such powerful enemies is a good way to show how far Frey and the player have come since the beginning of the game. Befriending all of Tanto’s familiars for the cat person is also fun, as they are one of the cutest collectibles. for Gaming console For fans who consider themselves to be completionists, upgrading all spells to get Above and Beyond and unlocking 80% of the archive for the Archivist is a rewarding activity.

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