Elden Ring introduced the gaming community to the vast world known as the Lands Between. While it takes the beloved Souls formula to the next level by adding many new design elements, the core of what FromSoftware built his legacy on remaining.

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The game features dozens of friendly non-player characters, each with their own stories and quest lines. By paying attention and completing these quests, you’ll often receive useful rewards and lots of stories. Many of the best Elden Ring skippable quests are worth your time, so don’t miss a single step!

Warning: May contain story spoilersUpdated March 8, 2023 by Brenden Lizardi: The Elden Ring is full of subtle details, hidden areas, and other objects and people that are easy to miss. The interesting thing about the list of Elden Ring skippable quests is that the more relevant the entry, the harder it is for even us to find it. We’ve updated this list to include even the hardest quests to find.

12 Returning patches

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests to skip: Patches standing in his cave.

Patches are a character that has appeared in all Dark Souls games, as well as Bloodborne. He is a recurring character who serves as a troll for you in the world. In Elden Ring, he can be found in Murkwater Cave when he confronts you for opening his chest and trying to steal his things. This will lead to a boss fight, but once you get him to 50 percent health, he’ll beg you to stop fighting.

This will turn him into a merchant at that location after your next location at Site of Grace. He sells a few interesting items and provides an additional source of NPC dialogue – it’s just never clear if he should be fully trusted.

11 Yura, the hunter for bloody fingers

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests to skip: Yura, the Bloodfinger Hunter, is standing on the bridge

One of the most secretly hidden missing Elden Rings, Yura is a person who specifically hunts down members of the Bloody Finger. You first encounter him in the river leading to Moorwater Cave near the center of Limgrave – he will help you in the fight against the NPC invader named Nerius Bloodfinger, who appears in the river.

Like most stories created by FromSoftware, Yura’s story isn’t exactly inspiring. Those who aid him in his journey through the Lands Between will see a handsome reward for their efforts, but it’s also unclear how connected he is to the Cult of the Dragon, as he has more than a cursory knowledge of it.

10 Iryna and Edgar

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests to skip: Iryna is sitting on a rock.

The Weeping Peninsula is an area that can be skipped in Elden Ring, despite being available from the start of the game. When you cross the Bridge of Sacrifice in southeast Limgrave and get to this peninsula, you will meet a young woman named Iryna. She will tell you that her castle was taken over by vandals and her father was left to guard it.

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Irina asks you to deliver a letter to her father, Edgar, as she hopes it will convince him to leave. It’s not easy to find, but it can be accessed via a hidden path located near the second Place of Grace you’ll find while exploring Castle Morne, home of Irina and Edgar.

9 Nepheli, the tainted warrior

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests to skip: Nepheli in the castle vault.

When it comes to skippable quests in the Elden Ring, you’ll want to do Nepheli Lux’s quests, as she’s the closest match you’ll find in the Lands Between. She is a compatriot of the Tarnished that you can meet for the first time right outside Godric the Inoculated boss fight. She is a brave warrior who shows off her strength by helping you take down Godric if you use her summon mark.

Nepeli’s quest line is a bit confusing, but if done correctly, it will resolve several NPC storylines, including Kenneth Haight and Fort Gate, Seluvis, and finally Gatekeeper Gostok, who was last seen stomping on Godric’s lifeless body.

8 Oleksandr, Voin Yar

Oleksandr Zalizny Kulak on the battlefield of Radakhna

For the tainted who search every hill and plain in Middle-earth, you will be rewarded when you come across Alexander the Iron Fist, a giant jar stuck in the ground near the Northern Bounty of Lake Agil. You must first meet Alexander at this starting location and free him from the ground to continue his quest, so don’t skip this step.

After defeating Radan, you will find Alexander during your journey in the locations near the Fire Giant and then in Azula’s Collapsing Farom. After completing his lengthy quest, you will receive one of the best talismans in the Elden Ringwhich increases skill damage by 15 percent.

7 Ranni’s summons

Elden Ring Best NPC Quests: Rannie looks over his shoulder.

Early has a long questline that spans many parts throughout your time in the Elden Ring, but your first interaction with her is simply missed by many. This first encounter is crucial, as it gives you the Spirit Bell, which allows you to summon Spirit Ashes in battle. All you have to do is fast travel at night to the Church of Ellech, Place of Grace, and she’ll be there waiting to talk.

Do this right after sitting in the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace, where you will receive your mount, Torrent, from the maiden known as Melina. Ranni herself is visually hard to spot, but she holds one of the most skippable Elden Ring quests because there are so many steps and triggers to complete before you reach the climax at the end of the game.

6 Hug Fia

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests to skip: Fia is sitting by her bed.

In Roundtable Hold, you will meet a woman who asks for a warm hug and a hug that has both advantages and disadvantages. Like many NPCs in Elden Ring, she has her own questline that you can follow and complete.

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Her quest not only brings many different rewards, but also intertwines other NPCs such as Lionel, Rannie, Rohir, and D, the hunter of the dead. Most of her quests focus on talking to her after key events, but as this happens, it changes how the Hold of the Round Table works and what rooms become available to you.

5 Rya Or Zorya, Scout

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests: Rya the hunchback in Volcano Manor.

When it comes to skippable Elden Ring quests, we can’t blame you for not knowing how to complete it on your first playthrough. At first glance during your first meeting in Liurnia Lakes, Rya seems like a good-hearted and loyal scout to his master, albeit with a rather bad attitude. When you get Rai’s necklace, she will take an interest in you and invite you to Vulcan Manor, then teleport you there.

After talking to her in Volcano Manor and advancing this questline, Rya will reveal her true form and name: Zoryas. While her true form definitely explains her dubious premonition, Zori’s origins are murky at best. Help her learn more about her mother and who Zorya really is, but get ready for an emotional ride.

4 Roderick’s goal

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests to skip: Rodevrika stares at the mount-tainted round table

Roderica, a woman you meet near Stormhill Shack, offers a sobering story. She tells you that she stayed hidden because she was afraid of being grafted into some kind of monster. Eventually you’ll find her holding a round table by the fireplace. Talking to both her and Hugh, the blacksmith who lives in the Round Table Fortress, will eventually unlock her ability to enhance your spirit ash and make it more competent in battle.

This is a reward for convincing Hugh and Roderika that she can provide incredible services for your journey. Roderika may move or disappear briefly during the story, but keep an eye on the progress and she’ll be back soon.

3 Genealogy of Millicent

Elden Ring NPC Quests: Millicent Outside Windmill Village

If you’re not careful, you can walk past Millicent entirely, dismissing her cries for help as just another grim reality of life in the Lands Between. However, if you meet Millicent near the Church of the Plague and then mention her to a nearby wizard named Gowry, you’ll be on your way to completing this quest.

You’ll need to bounce back and forth between Gowrie and Millicent, slowly nursing her health. She will eventually appear at a few select Places of Grace, even offering to help you after you equip her quite an unusual weapon: a new hand prosthesis. Millicent’s fate is in your hands, so choose wisely as both outcomes of this quest offer different rewards.

2 Blade, Half-Wolf

Elden Ring.  Best NPC quests to skip: Bladed looks straight ahead.

Blade is a fun character you can first meet and talk to them in the Misty Forest Ruins, located east of the starting area of ​​Limgrave. If you don’t know what you’re doing, Blaidd is the most popular of the Elden Ring quests to skip. You’ll want to talk to Cale, the merchant at Elle Church, about Blade after hearing him howl while exploring the Mistwood Ruins.

You’ll get a clicking gesture that, if used near Blade, will lure him down to the ground and talk to you. In addition to one of Elden Ring’s most beloved NPC designs, his quest will showcase and define who Blade is at his core, shocking you with its thrilling conclusion.

1 D, Beholder Of Death

D Beholder of Death in Elden Ring

A character with such an obtuse placement, with an even trickier backstory, D, Beholder of Death is probably the worst offender of Elden Ring quests to skip. It is not only related to the Fia quest line, but also to D, Hunter of the Dead. It also has a few steps that can cause the end of its quest to be blocked.

First, find Nocron, the Eternal City, you need give him the Twinned Armor set, but only if you got it by giving the knife to D, Hunter of the Dead. If you get armor by killing a D yourself, that D becomes hostile. Then you need complete the Fia quest line and visit her body again. D, Beholder of Death will be there. Exhaust his dialog and reload the area again. You will be rewarded with his armor and weapons.

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