Everyone expected Tears of the kingdom to be a hit, but few expected it to be such a hit that it could dethrone Breath of the Wild as the undefeated champion on the Switch. The game is filled with an incredible amount of new content that really adds so many literal layers to the game.

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One of these is available in the Fuse ability, which allows Link to, you guessed it, fuse anything. There are some limitations (sorry, no fish guns), but honestly, there’s a lot more than you might have ever expected, some with pretty fun effects on whatever they’re fused with.



10 Heart of the talus for heart damage

Connection with the heart Talus on a wand

We all loved the giant Talus enemies in Breath of the Wild for just being a giant rock to climb. This stone accidentally bounced off. They return in “Tears of the Kingdom” in the same way, although others were also mobilized in mobile forts.

However, they now also drop a unique item, the Stone Heart of Talus. Pairing with a shield gives you extra protection, while on a weapon you get a surprisingly strong devastating weapon. Even better are the Luminous Talus Hearts, which passively emit light to illuminate your surroundings.

9 Bomb Barrel For Barrels Of Fun

Link with a time bomb attached to a stick

Sneaking around Bokoblin camps has always been an interesting experience, especially considering how violent these fights can suddenly become if literally anything goes wrong. After all, you never want to be in the middle of a field of exploding barrels.

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Unless you have a trunk. You can attach one to your shield and let any enemy that dares to hit you get blown to pieces, though this isn’t the best defensive practice. Instead, chain it to a weapon and hit them. You’ll get ripped to shreds too, but at least you got your own version of the One Hit Obliterator.

8 Minecart to the shield for a smoother surf

Link with the cart attached to the shield

Starting from Big Sky Island, Tears of the Kingdom throws you right into the fray with a set of abilities and not an excessive degree of leadership. It might sound a bit complicated, but you’ll never be too far away from a little advice.

One of the early puzzles here that you’ve probably seen before is the mine carts. There is one small rail that is broken and you need to find a solution. Or you can just attach a carriage to your shield and get very smooth motion. You can even still ride the rails.

7 Fan to the shield for a whirlwind of fun

Link holds a fan attached to his shield

The main difference between Tears of the Kingdom and its predecessor is excessive attention to creation. Very few things are made as weapons, but there’s nothing stopping you from turning them into one. The many Zonai units that Link can pick up are some of your biggest assets for this.

One of the simplest, but effective, is a fan. You can attach it to your weapon, but it won’t be any more effective than a wooden board or cork. But if you attach it to your shield? You now have as much wind as your battery charge.

6 As a stone for strong elements

Link with an electric Like Like Stone attached to a stick

One of the big problems with Breath of the Wild was its enemies. The ones that were there were great! There were simply not many of them. Even in its opening hours, Tears of the Kingdom tackles this question with brilliance. One of these fun new enemies is Like Likes.

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Scattered around the world by various elements, they stick to surfaces and shoot at you, dropping a matching Like Like Stone upon defeat. Unlike other elemental items like flowers or genes, Like Like stones are more common and stronger, giving you easy and guaranteed access to elements.

A link with a spiked ball attached to a sturdy stick

In the tears of the kingdom, each adopted something of a do-it-yourself lifestyle. All the weapons are destroyed, so people are stitching together whatever they can find. The enemy camps scattered around the world are a great showcase for this, full of traps.

The favorite of them is the giant colossal ball. It hurts to get punches filled with spikes. So turn the tables and stick a giant ball on a stick. You now have a huge mace that deals serious damage.

4 Shield for two-handed weapons for permanent protection

A link with a shield attached to a strong stick

Most games have to strike a balance between what is fair and what is fun. You have a powerful weapon but it’s slow, or you have a one-handed weapon that frees up your other hand. Breath of the Wild took a similar approach, though Tears of the Kingdom will happily let you hack it.

For example, two-handed weapons such as spears and greatswords do not allow the use of shields. Unless you connect them together. Then you get great offense and defense without compromise. Parry knowing you’ll deal serious damage with the counter.

Link with a bokoblin arm attached to a halberd

As the sun sinks low, dangerous enemies roam the world. Enemies that don’t look like life, but thrive regardless. Throughout the night, you’ll encounter a large number of skeleton enemies that relentlessly pursue you, though thankfully they have a very limited health pool.

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However, they also shed their bony limbs. It’s already funny to beat an enemy with the hand of his friend, but to combine it with literally anything is even funnier. Have Link hold the hand that holds the other hand to defeat another enemy so you can collect even more weapons.

2 Eyeball for pure precision

A link with an eyeball attached to a stick

As horrible as it sounds, collecting eyeballs in Tears of the Kingdom is a pretty solid activity considering how valuable they are. Kizi and Aerocuda lower their eyeballs and wings, targeting enemies and increasing the fusion radius of the items respectively.

As you’ve probably already seen, this works great with arrows! However, the effect also applies to normal weapons. Attach an eyeball to, say, a spear, and watch that buddy hit his head if you throw him out of your hands. No arrows, no problems.

1 Cannon for explosive fun

Link with a cannon attached to a spear

The game has a frankly obscene amount of Zonai gadgets to play with. The fans and wheels are nice and can be played with quite creatively, although the effects are as you’d expect. Ah, but there are more destructive options. Gun.

Cannons are exactly what they sound like. They are small but mighty, shooting at enemies. Although when attached to a weapon, you essentially made a gun. Attached to the spear is a joy that allows you to fire cannonballs from a safe distance and with great accuracy.

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