There’s nothing more fun than running away with an old-fashioned role-playing video game, but having a ton of players like you willing to explore the game and trade resources makes it more fun.

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Advancing with friends is good enough, but it’s also important to find the right environment to play out that experience. Mobile MMORPGs give you the ability to communicate in-game without being limited to professional play. You can play most of these games on the go as long as you have a stable internet connection and enough space on your phone.



8 CyberCode Online is a text-based MMORPG

CyberCode Online game images

As old-school as a text-based MMORPG may sound, it’s not as outdated as it might seem at first glance. It’s pretty futuristic despite the limited format. Screen transitions and submenus are relatively aesthetic; it’s a wall of text, but the art direction shines through for the most part. You decide where to go and what enemy to fight.

The battle screen shows you a silhouetted figure of your enemy, and you can play a timed button-pressing mini-game that determines your success in battle. Choose what to keep after your fallen enemies drop their loot, and interact with your peers as you slowly discover the game’s features and learn the user interface.

7 Starfall Fantasy: Neverland

Image in the game Starfall Fantasy Neverland

As ridiculous as the jerky English voice acting is, it’s a surprisingly decent game that could use some work. Not only is leveling up pretty easy, you can also let the game do all the work for you by leaving it on Auto.

Traverse through different zones, fight tons of enemies, and watch your fellow adventurers forge their own path. The cutscenes are pretty decent, and some of the scenery looks pretty exciting, though the level design is linear and there’s not much you can do when it comes to character customization.

6 Curse of Aros

Curse Of Aros HQ

Charming, cute, but light, with no overall story. This pixel adventure is quite the ride, especially when you consider how detailed every feature in the game is. Since the game is relatively new at the time of writing, the worlds need some work, but the aesthetics still come through.

The combat system seems a bit off, the movements are also stiff with simple animations for most tasks. Collect pets, improve your skills and try to trade with other players because this game allows you to do it all. Of course, it’s just different Runescape clone, but it’s an Android alternative that loads fast and does what you want.

5 Pony Town is a social MMORPG

Pony Town is a social MMORPG in the game

Imagine playing something similar Stardew Valley, but it’s an MMORPG with ponies. Pony Town could be the new Club Penguin; with a crisp indie pixel game aesthetic and fun character creation options, it’s a definite win for casual mobile video games.

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You get to choose your own profession and interact with other players, heck, you can even open your own shop. The best part is that you can create your own maps. Choose what to do each day and make new friends as you discover your place in this wonderful world. The game has an active community with little to do other than chat with other players.

4 Iruna online

Iruna Online Tutorials Area

A bit simple but quite fun, you can tell this video game has a love for old school Japanese RPGs as you travel through the zones of Iruna Online. The visuals aren’t bad and the user interface takes a while to get used to, but the story still moves you forward.

The combat system is a bit unstable, but the scenery is nice to look at and play as long as you don’t run into invisible walls. The game can be quite difficult to get through, but it will reward you with a lot of content and an interesting open world experience.

3 Old School Runescape

Forge in old school Runescape

If you’re looking for a classic game port, this is a great option. It’s surprisingly well-optimized and offers a ton of control over its layout. Although the user interface is a bit clunky, the diverse world at your disposal more than makes up for it. You can choose quests and cook food yourself.

Old School RunescapeThe character creator isn’t that great, but the amount of things you can do in this game and the abundance of quests or traits to level up keep this game fresh despite the amount of time you can spend on your world. Although it may take you a while before you find other players on the map.

2 Albion online

Launched in 2017, this cross-platform masterpiece from Sandbox Interactive can be considered the spiritual successor to Runescape. The vast world where you start as a shipwrecked explorer ready to saddle up your first mule, and the charmingly friendly user interface makes up for the lack of better camera controls.

Despite the limited voice acting, the sound effects in this game are pretty great, and the cartoony aesthetic keeps it from feeling overwhelming. The character progression system and classless game mechanics are quite unique, you can trade fame for how you want to develop your avatar.

1 Black desert online

Players battle Red Nose in the Black Desert on mobile

AND primarily hack and slash An MMORPG that allows you to do almost everything, with a much more refined version, despite the competition, Black Desert will take a significant chunk of your memory to provide you with the best graphics on mobile devices. A lot of improvements have been made to make sure this game is well optimized for most smartphones.

The game has decent voice acting and a god of war a fighting style that goes with the theme. You can fight all kinds of beasts in any terrain. The character customization options, user interface, and visuals will keep you coming back for more. Although, like most MMORPGs, you’ll eventually have to fork out to progress at a reasonable rate.

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