pokemon has an interesting set of moves, each of which is unique in its own way. Well, not quite so. While each move is unique in name, type, and whatnot, and some are certainly not like any other, there are a few that perform very similar functions to each other, so much so that they are basically analogs.

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This list contains the top ten archetypes of these moves; movesets that follow the same effective plan in terms of power and secondary effects and differ only in name and type or category.


10 Hyperrays

dialga roar of time, Torterra Frenzy Plant, dragonite hyper beam;  pokemon anime

This list starts with perhaps the most recognizable set of moves that share the same qualities: Hyper Beam and all of its clones, namely Giga Impact, Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro CannonRock Wrecker and Roar of Time.

All of these moves have a base power of 150, 90 percent accuracy, five PP, and of course a caveat where the user is forced to recharge per turn. While these moves deserve to exist as the epitome of raw, unhinged power during playthroughs, they have no place in most competitive movesets because of this vulnerable moveset.

9 Crazy sweepers

gyarados outrage;  mankey trash;  dance of maractus petals;  pokemon anime

These four are what you might call broad sweep or go home moves, as the caveats associated with these powerful attacks can be downright dangerous for the user in certain situations.

Thrash, petal dance, outrage and maddened fury – they’re all there 120 base power, 100 percent accuracy, ten PP, and a secondary effect of blocking the user in the turn for two or three turns, then leaving them confused. Out of the four, Outrage was probably both the most viable and potentially disruptive to the user, as while it was Dragon’s best physical attack type in a while, you now risk almost certain death when the opponent taps out. fairy type

8 The Weather Blasters

hurricane Swann;  selective thunder;  mouth frost blizzard;  pokemon anime

It is difficult to determine the viability of Blizzard, Thunder and Hurricane. They are extremely useful in certain conditions, but in others they are either still very useful or not at all depending on how you build your teams.

The shared base power of 110 for all three moves is not well compensated by the 70% accuracy, but in the case of Blizzard and Hurricane in particular, they are the most plausible high special power options within their respective types. Of course, the inaccuracy prevents their bypassing accuracy in the appropriate weather conditions (blizzard during hail or snow, thunder and hurricane during rain). They are best for weather teams and are still decent options, albeit a bit risky.

7 Damage defenders

hypno-psychic;  cricket tune bug buzz;  leafeon energy ball;  pokemon anime

These four moves are considered the most reliable special attacks for their respective types due to their very solid base power, no chance to miss without poor evasion tactics, and a secondary effect that, while rare, can deal significant damage to the target.

To be specific, Psychic, Bug Buzz, Earth Power, and Energy Ball have 90 base power, 100 percent accuracy, and a 10 percent chance to reset the target’s special defense per stage. The first three in particular are considered top-notch STAB specials, and while Energy Ball isn’t exactly there because of the stronger Grass-type special moves, it still provides a fantastic cover option in a non-Grass-centric training set. .

6 Double-edged swords

zebrafish double edge;  talonflame brave bird;  pikachu raichu volt tackle;  pokemon anime

Ah, the recoil is moving. The most important of these is called Double-Edge for a reason, and it will later receive several clones that give various STAB-type Pokemon a chance to deal a lot of damage at a somewhat alarming cost.

Double-Edge, Volt Tackle, Brave Bird, Wood Hammer, Flare Blitz, and Wave Crash all have 120 base power and 100 percent accuracy, and deal knockback worth a third of the damage dealt (all have 15 PP, except for Wave Crash at 10). Brave Bird, Flare Blitz and In particular Wave Crash stood out as perhaps the best physical moves of their respective types, despite this caveat.

5 Secondary Fisher effect

darkrai dark pulse;  Finneon waterfall;  tauros iron head;  pokemon anime

This interesting six may have a relatively low base power (80) compared to other moves of its type, but aside from 100% accuracy, they all have fantastic secondary effects and usually solid chances to trigger.

The first four, namely waterfall, psychic, dark pulse and iron head, fit into a separate subcategory. moves that can flinch the target. While the Psychic only has a ten percent chance of doing this, the other three have 20 percent or more, making them very viable attack options. The remaining two – Scald and Poison Jab – are notable in their own right; The 30% chance to burn the first makes it one of the best moves in the game, and the second, while less important, is still a great Poison-type physical attack.

4 Priority shots

buizel aqua jet;  pikachu quick attack;  likanrock accelerator;  infernape mach punch

Together with the Hyper Beam recording, this will be the densest recording on the list eight moves that have 40 base power, 100 percent accuracy and priority level: Normal-type Quick Attack, Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave, Water Jet Aqua Jet, Steel Bullet Punch, Ice-type Ice Shard , Ghost-type Shadow Sneak and Accelerock rock type.

While Quick Attack is somewhat transitional (especially with Extreme Speed ​​as a much better alternative), adding a strong offensive type to a priority attack adds so much value; most quick attack clones are regularly used in competitive fights as a clearing move.

3 Heals

latias recover;  soft chances;  extinguishing relax;  animation with pokemon

The only set of status moves listed here, the first generation’s Recover and Soft-Boiled will get essentially clones of each other in the next few generations. The common Recover, Roost, and Slack Off, as well as the signature Soft-Boiled, Milk Drink, and Heal Order are functionally identical in that they have 5 PP and heal the user for half their maximum health, aside from Roost’s quirk of removing the user’s Flying-type under running time

Worth mentioning are moves that mostly heal the user for half their maximum health, but have varying effectiveness depending on the weather: Moonlight, Morning Sun, Synthesis, and Shore. All of the above were staples in the competition for persistent disruption tactics or added durability.

2 Reduction of Ultimates

overheating of torcoal;  draddygon-draco meteor;  torterra leaf storm;  pokemon anime

All five of these moves are notorious for dealing an inordinate amount of damage instantly. So despite the caveats that come with them, three of the five commons (and Psycho Boost and Fleur Cannon for Deoxys and Magearna respectively) were popular choices for special movesets.

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Overheat, Dragon Meteor, Leaf Storm, and Fleur Cannon all have a base power of 130, 90 percent accuracy, and 5 PP, and will drop user Special attack two stages. Psycho Boost has the same accuracy, secondary effect, and PP, but has a slightly higher base power of 140.

1 Risky achievements

saw close combat;  armarouge gun armor;  mega rayquaza dragon ascent;  pokemon anime, red and purple

Perhaps the best set of moves that are clones of each other, the melee fighting type, Flying type Dragon Ascentthe ground-type Headlong Rush and the fire-type armor cannon share the same properties: 120 base power, 100 percent accuracy, 5 PP, and resets user defense and special defense each time it is used.

While the drop in defensive stat isn’t too great, they retain offensive firepower and make this moveset much more spammy than other moves with high base power. Also worth mentioning is Super Power, a fighting-type move that shares the same base power, accuracy, and PP, but replaces the Attack drop with a Special Defense drop.

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