Lotus is the ninth card featured in the Valorant, and is the second three-site map after Haven. This stunning map transports you to India and features unique mechanics such as revolving doors and a breakable wall that add an extra layer of tactics to the gameplay.

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To succeed and win on the Lotus card, you will have to choose the right agents. With the wide variety available in Valorant, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Check out the list below of the most effective agents to play on this map.


10 Harbor (Controller)

Image of Valorant's Harbor agent

Harbor hasn’t had the best start since being introduced to Valorant. It is considered weak by most of the gaming community, and its abilities are comparatively not as good as other controllers on most maps. However, this is not the case with Lotus, as you can actually use Harbor on this map.

The A and C slots on Lotus involve long-range combat, making Harbor Wall’s ability ideal for gaining map control both on offense and defense. Additionally, you can effectively use his smoke ability (Cove) in a multitude of situations. While his ultimate might not be as good, it’s still decent and the other abilities make up for it.

9 Sky (initiator)

Image of Agent Skye Valorant

Skye turns out to be a great choice when you’re thinking of going Initiator on Lotus. Her flares can help in fast and aggressive games, helping you control sites while attacking. You can also use them on re-hits while defending to get a round in your bag.

Skye’s Trailblazer can also be useful and help you check corners and clear corners on different sites. Last but not least, you can use her ultimate to locate opponents and the information you get from the same can be crucial.

8 Brimstone (controller)

Image of Valorant's Brimstone agent

Brimstone is another great controller to consider if you play a certain map in Valorant. Its Steam Beacon can be a huge help during attacks and can help you get the site you want up and running quickly.

Brimstone’s three clouds of smoke also make it easy to cover necessary angles when attacking and defending.

Meanwhile, the incendiary grenade has multiple uses, and learning different builds can benefit you during rounds. The most important part of Brimstone’s kit is his ultimate, which is the best counter to Lockdown Killjoy.

7 Cypher (Sentinel)

Image of Valorant's Cypher agent

Cypher does a great job of holding sites in Valorant, and it does a great job on the Lotus map as well. As such, it can be a great sentinel that you can use to secure sites and prevent enemies from gaining control.

Cypher’s Trapwires can help you spot opponents when they’re in a hurry, making them great for site defense.

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On the other hand, the cage can act as smoke and the camera can help gather information. Finally, Neural Theft ultimate can detect where the remaining enemies are, allowing you to strategically plan your next move.

6 KAY/O (initiator)

Image of Valorant Agent KAY/O

KAY/O is a very powerful initiator in this card. His ZERO/POINT ability can stifle and spot opponents on the site, which can be crucial when you’re rushing him. You can also use his flashes properly to benefit your team and get on site.

Additionally, the FRAG/MENT ability can be very effective, especially when used strategically to gain map space or when posting. As for the Ultimate KAY/O, it is perfect for performance and re-submission. By rendering your opponents abilities useless, you and your team can rush or retake the site with relative ease.

5 Match (duelist)

Image of Valorant's Raze agent

Despite the many changes in her abilities, Reise has retained her status one of the best duelists in the game. So, if you are planning to play as a duelist, choosing her for the Lotus map is a great decision you can make.

Raze’s existing abilities, such as Boom Bot and Paint Shells (her Grenade), are exceptional on the field and allow her to be played aggressively. Additionally, her Blastpacks allow you to take to the air, and her Show Stopper ultimate can help you secure kills.

4 Omen (Controller)

Image of Valorant's Omen agent

Omen is probably the best choice for playing as a controller agent on Lotus. While some may argue in favor of alternatives like Brimstone, the agent’s unique ability to go aggressive and hide in unexpected ways makes him an invaluable asset.

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When used properly, Omen’s kit can be devastating, and a skilled player can use it to secure victory. You can use the Dark Cover ability to burn different locations, while Paranoia is perfect for blinding opponents in a push to take over a site. Also, its best ability allows you to teleport anywhere on the map, making it extremely important when facing a 1v1 or 1v2 scenario.

3 Violation (initiator)

Valorant's Breach agent image

Breach can play a crucial role for Lotus, making him one of the most competent starters for any team. His kit is impeccable, with a variety of utilities that can be useful in various situations. Agent’s Flashpoint Curtain can help you gain access, while Fault Line’s Seismic Blast can clear corners.

You can also use the Aftershock ability to clear certain areas nearby. The most important one, Breach’s Rolling Thunder, can allow you to gain complete control over the site both on offense and defense. So, you are encouraged to try playing this Initiator on the map at least once.

2 Neon (Duelist)

An image of a neon Valorant agent

Neon’s quick moves make her one of the best on any team, and her abilities make it easy to penetrate the site. The wall ability can successfully create a path for you, while the stun can also be very useful. Additionally, Neon’s Overdrive ultimate can get you frags and be used strategically during eco rounds.

However, playing with Neon will not be easy for everyone due to the high skill level. Accordingly, it would be best if you practice moves and develop skills with an agent before playing her in competitive mode.

1 Killjoy (Sentinel)

Image of Agent Killjoy from Valorant

Killjoy is the perfect agent to play on the Lotus map in Valorant, and her abilities make her incredibly important. With the right team composition, this Ward can play an important role in holding objects on defense and controlling areas with her ultimate on offense.

You can also make optimal use of the swarm grenades she has for post-mount situations. In addition, the turret and signal robot can help you in the process of blocking sites and monitoring the flanks.

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