PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh insists the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR) is not a “challenge” LIV Golf On its application for world ranking scores.

The Saudi-funded separation filed an application on July 6 last year to be allowed to be awarded ranking points at its events.

Waugh is one of seven members of the OWGR board of directors that evaluated the application and said in an interview. Times Last week, the organization was waiting for answers to a series of questions from LIV.

LIV insisted this was not the case and said they had been told that “advanced discussions” were taking place regarding their application.

“What I said and will say now is that it’s healthy back and forth. It hasn’t been harsh,” Waugh said at a press conference before his 105th. USA PGA Championship in Oak Hill.

“They went back and forth between colleagues who submitted an application, as other tours do. We answered, they answered.

“I understand the ball is in their court from our last response at this point. that’s there.

“This is not us against them. I think OWGR, if you take a step back, it’s all about creating an even playing field, a benchmark to measure play.

“Our job is to measure laps. It’s not the players, but the laps and how they perform in those laps, to find that benchmark. That’s what we’re all trying to do.

“I think we are very responsive to them in terms of their requests and they respond to us. This is not a war.”