Warning: Spoilers for The Flash Season 9, Episode 13

Flash set up three characters to replace Barry Allen as the Scarlet Speedster at the end of the series finale. The Flash Season 9 Episode 13, titled “A New World, Part Four,” saw Barry choose three people to use the Flash’s powers on. According to Barry, their mission is to “help create”better” the world


Based on what is known would be Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen in the future series after series, there wasn’t much room for surprises in the series finale. It has been understood for some time that Barry Allen will be the Flash until at least 2049 in the Arrowverse timeline due to the involvement of his future children. Because of this, from the beginning, it was expected that Barry would defeat the villain and continue as the leader of Team Flash, no matter what Cobalt Blue threw at him. However, the show found a way to defy expectations. In an unexpected twist, three new characters — all connected to DC Comics — have acquired Barry’s Speed ​​Force powers.

Who is Jess Chambers in DC Comics?

Jess Chambers aka Kid Quick in water

last episode of Flash Hana marks the Arrowverse debut of Jess Chambers, played by Destiny Huggins. Even if the character’s name shares the link Jesse Chambers aka Jesse Quick From DC Comics, there is an important difference between them. It runs under the codename, “Fast boy,” Jess Chambers was introduced in 2020 as Jesse Quick’s sidekick and one of DC’s non-binary superheroes.

Based on Earth-11 (an alternate reality in the DC multiverse), Kid Quick served as a member of the superhero team Teen Justice. The character played a prominent role in the DC Comics crossover event, DC Future State, enjoying a team-up with the Justice League. Sporting the white hair of Chambers’ comic counterpart, the new Arrowverse version of DC Comics’ teenage speedster is pictured getting out of a car and looking up at the sky before being struck by lightning. Flash final.

Who is Max Mercury in DC Comics & Arrowverse?

Max Mercury DC Comics

Max Mercury, played by Trevor Carroll, is riding a motorcycle when he notices a thunderstorm caused by Barry Allen. Max has a reputation as one of the oldest speedsters. Max Mercury, who debuted in 1940, adopted the nickname Quicksilver decades before the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. In the 1990s, he was revived by DC Comics, reintroducing him as a supporting character. Flash comics. In these stories, Max fast-forwards through time, having been active as a superhero since the 19th century. After joining the Flash family, Max became Bart Allen’s Impulse mentor.

Unlike the situation with Jess Chambers, Max is a character Flash already configured. In Flash In Season 8, Episode 15, titled “Into the Speed ​​Force,” Barry looked into his past, present, and future as he was trapped by the Speed ​​Force. In this way, Barry saw the faces of people close to him at different stages of his life. When he mentioned seeing a man named “Max”, this was taken as a direct reference to Max Mercury. Barry had never met Max Mercury, but the nature of the scene implied that he would be introduced to him later. Amazingly, Flash saved his debut for the show’s final scene.

Who is Avery Ho from DC Comics & Arrowverse?

In Flash Arrowverse Avery Ho Piper Cur

Only one of the three speedsters was in the Arrowverse. For Flash In the midseason premiere of Season 8, the show shifted its focus to Barry’s older children. During an adventure that takes them to 2013, the couple meets Avery, a highly intelligent scientist whose research involves time travel. Avery never came back Flash After that – he didn’t cross paths with Barry Allen either – but it seems he somehow found out about him and in turn chose him to use his Speed ​​Force powers.

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Although Flash he gave no indication that he would enter this path, his funny history served as a hint. Created in 2016, Avery Ho is the Chinese version of Flash. In a story called “Lightning Strikes Twice”, an event known as the Speed ​​Force Storm hits Central City, causing many people to develop the ability to speed. One of those people was Avery, whose life was forever changed by the incident. Most of those with these abilities were killed by Godspeed, but Avery survived to become a successful superhero. As the Lantern of China, Avery even joined the multifaceted Justice League team and appeared in various DC Comics stories.

What’s next for Barry Allen and the New Speedsters in The Arrowverse

Grant Gustin

Flash deliberately vague about the future of their new speedster. Based on Barry’s narration in the finale, the purpose of empowering them was to help create “”better” A world where the family and childhood of people like him will not be destroyed. Apparently, the idea is that if there are more speedy superheroes in the world, they’ll have a stronger defense against the next villain to threaten Earth-Prime.

It’s not revealed by the episode if they will accept their new powers, but it’s possible that he didn’t choose any of them without being sure that he would use them for good. And rather than just going their separate ways, taking them under Barry’s wing could be the future Flash In Season 8, Max was teasing Mercury. If the Arrowverse continues in any way shape or form, even if it’s just within a Superman and Lois crossovertheir travels can be discussed.

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As for Barry’s future, these speedsters won’t replace him — or at least, not right away. Even though the show is over, Barry still has a long superhero career ahead of him. As mentioned above, Barry won’t stop saving the multiverse until 2049 at the earliest. Instead, Barry seems intent on living alongside these characters so that he has a few speedsters he can depend on for Earth’s defense. That is, in time, Barry can completely hang up the suit. Obviously, it’s a long shot, but when that happens, there will be other characters to fill his legs. And by then, they could have their own teams and potential successors, ensuring that Barry’s legacy lives on indefinitely.