The Walking Dead series finale focused on one shocking death, but the chosen victim makes sense based on the show’s character appearance stats.

Rosita may not have seemed like the most obvious victim The Walking Dead‘s series finale, but one look at the appearance numbers of the show’s characters reveals why it was chosen. Given The Walking Dead’s reputation as a TV show where no character is safe, the final episode could easily have resulted in bloodshed. instead, The Walking Dead chose the last batch of victims very carefully. In fact, the only character to die in Rest In Peace was Christian Serratos’ Rosita, who died from a zombie bite after rescuing her daughter from the Commonwealth.


Rosita’s death became the emotional core of AMC The Walking Dead finish. The long-running zombie apocalypse TV show wrapped its main story around various characters saying goodbye to Rosita, before revealing how the survivors were a year later. The popularity of Rosita’s death The Walking Dead‘s season finale was definitely a surprise. Christian Serratos joined the cast midway through Season 4 and has always been a supporting figure – at times completely fading into the background. Questions may be raised as to whether Rosita Espinosa was an important enough character to take center stage in her death. The Walking Deadthe grand finale of

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The Walking Dead’s appearance statistics prove that Rosita was the obvious victim of the finale

Rosita from The Walking Dead fights the walkers to save Coco.

The choice of Rosita as the main series finale victim makes a lot more sense in retrospect The Walking Deadan overview of the characters (via TheWalkingDeadWorld). As the sole survivors of the blood-soaked series, Daryl and Carol unsurprisingly top the list. Daryl was safe because of him coming up Walking Dead spin off, Carol was originally involved. Next up are Rick Grimes, Michonne, and Maggie — all three of whom will star in the spinoffs, which means they’re safe too. Rosita has 94 credits Walking Dead is the character with the most appearances not attached to the upcoming project, which explains why he was the logical victim of the series finale.

Walking Dead‘s finale needed an emotional punch – one that can only come from killing off the main characters. However, thanks to the expansion of the franchise, all five of the most common characters are protected. Rosita was the last major death The Walking Dead It may sound anticlimactic, but it was the best option available. An argument could be made that Carol should have taken Rosita’s place. It depends on when Melissa McBride comes out Daryl Dixon spinoff series depending on whether or not the final script is being written The Walking Dead Plans to give Carol future cameos as compensation for leaving the new show due to logistical issues.

How the Walking Dead Spinoffs Affected the Final Season

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Although The Walking DeadThe character appearance sheds light on why Rosita’s death was so prominent in the finale, and also reveals how severely AMC’s spin-off plans will limit what the final episode can do. The Walking DeadThe ending of the movie would have been much more dramatic if there was a more specific character like Daryl or Carol or Maggie. Walking Dead the original soul, if not officially – died with Rosita. In an alternate universe where spinoffs were never invented, it’s unimaginable that all three would appear. the Walking Dead the end of the final alive

It’s highly unlikely considering Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira have already left the series. The Walking Dead Regardless of Rick and Michonne’s upcoming performance, it would have brought both characters back in the finale to kill them off. However, their roles in the final episode would definitely be different. In that hypothetical spinoff-free parallel universe, The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne could have been brought back as part of the final reunion with Judith and RJ, wrapping up their storylines. Instead, the episode used Lincoln and Gurira to set up a new chapter, again emphasizing how heavy the spinoffs have been on gameplay. The Walking Deadend of

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