Disney is increasing its footprint in the world of anime. After signing a major deal with publishing company Kodansha Disney+ and Hulu The exclusive streaming home for their anime internationally and in the US, they have released a simulcast of the highly anticipated series. Heavenly delusion. In addition to the April 1 premiere in Japan, fans around the world will be able to tune in to watch the episode on Disney broadcasters during the live broadcast. English dub will come later.

based on Manga written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro, which takes place in a dystopian hellscape masquerading as paradise. Children are comfortably raised by robots within the walls of a special nursery school, keeping them safe, healthy and oblivious to the ravaged outside world. The world is inhabited not only by the technology that the children grew up with, but also by dangerous supernatural creatures. A boy named Maru tries to find paradise among the ruins with the help of Kiruko, but they soon realize that their search may be futile. For anime fans, this is considered a must-see in anime strong spring anime season.

The announcement of the simulcast on Disney streamers was shared by the company’s senior manager of English dubbing. Lack of Reuben expressed his excitement about the amazing footage he shared ahead of the series premiere. In them, the main characters are beautifully animated against the stunning background of the ruins, the blue sky and the majestic hospital-like facility. “Just… look at the art style, folks,” shared Lack. “Awesome, cinematic. Also, the sub will be streaming **global** (including US) in 5 days! The dubbing will follow later. Get excited!!!” It’s the latest and arguably the most exciting anime to come under the new Kodansha deal with Disney. Tokyo Avengers: The Christmas Show anime.

Heavenly illusions anime 2

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Who is behind the interesting news? Heavenly delusion Anime?

Title Heavenly delusion will be Hirotaka Mori has worked on several major anime projects including Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, Star Warsand Deleted. He also runs Production IG Psycho-pass the writer Makoto Fukami writing scripts. Character designs are done by the artist Utsushita while Kensuke Ushio makes For an anime, it’s not much better than 2016’s smash hit Ushio. Voice without voice Like recent favorite series The man in chains and Devil: Don’t cry.

Heavenly delusion will premiere in Japan and simulcast April 1 on Hulu in the US and Disney+ internationally. Check out Lack’s announcement below.