When Bridgerton first made a royal entrance to Netflix, viewers around the world were immediately captivated by the creator Shonda Rhimesa surprisingly inclusive reimagining Julia Quinnnovels of Not only did the series feature a black leading man in the form of the wonderfully charismatic Duke of Hastings (Rege-Jean Page) but he changed the concept of the reigning power with a formidable black queen in the form of adult Queen Charlotte (Golda Rocheuvel). Although the representation, rarely seen in period dramas, was immediately praised, the series only touched briefly on race, instead giving viewers a glimpse into how Regency England came to be in England. left room to imagine their stories. Bridgerton– verse However, the success of the series spawned a prequel unlike any other Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story – a story that experiences racism through a beautiful heartbreaking alliance King George (Corey Mylchrist) and Queen Charlotte (Indian Amarteifio). The gravity of their relationship is something the show’s star, Amarteifio, was actively aware of during filming.


during the conversation with L’OFFICIELIthe young Charlotte’s actress, Amarteifio, through the concept of “The Great Experiment”, learned how to bring together the first large-scale interracial marriage in two societies. The name itself refers to the relationship between people then and now Queen Charlotte It is truly a work of fiction, and racism and prejudice are a very real aspect of history, which is succinctly expressed when George’s mother describes Charlotte as “very brown”. While Charlotte and George undoubtedly faced challenges and tones of disapproval, it is becoming increasingly clear that Charlotte wields enormous influence when it comes to giving black people a voice and space in elite society. “…He is an object in the path of many people, but at the same time he is almost a plow; he now allows these people to integrate into society,” said Amarteifio. “He’s a leader; he’s someone who unknowingly and knowingly takes charge. People listen because he goes against the grain.”

Queen Charlotte quickly learns how valuable her position is

Although Charlotte has the ability to instigate change, it is her confidant Mrs. Agatha Danbury (Arcema Thomas) it is pointed out to him how much responsibility rests on his shoulders in his touching speech that the walls of the palace are “too high.” It is then that she can rely on George to allow the black community to feel seen instead of shunned. “A lot of it is helped by Lady Danbury, who reminds him of who he is and the power he has,” Amarteifio explained. “George has a lot of that, too, giving him the confidence to lean into that strength, not to be afraid or ashamed, and to remember that his role in society is bigger than himself.”

India Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest as Queen Charlotte and Queen Charlotte as King George
Image via Netflix

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A couple though share a powerful connection on screen They spent the equivalent of just one week filming Queen Charlottesix months of filming. Still, Amarteifio said the pair learned from their “own experiences” that black women can be “in an industry where most of the rooms you walk into are white.” Throughout the show, the audience witnesses changes in society through Charlotte’s subtle but impactful actions, such as attending the Danbury Ball and having Lady Danbury’s son inherit his late father’s title. In addition to referencing the richly colorful landscape of the main series, it also sets the pace for season three brilliantly. Bridgerton further study and recognition of how far it goes to the ton.

Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story now on Netflix. You can watch the trailer for the show below.