“The Blacklisters are coming after Raymond, setting the stage for a war the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

After a full decade of crime drama Black list, the saga is finally coming to an end. NBC has shared a sneak peek of the final season ahead of its premiere this Sunday. NBC.

In the highly anticipated tenth and final season of the series, the infamous Blacklisters seek revenge on Red Reddington as his undercover role as an FBI informant is exposed. Hisham Tawfiq describes the final season as “a war like we’ve never seen before.” Sneak peeks reveal tons of weapons, explosions, violent encounters, and more.

James Spader plays Raymond “Red” Reddington in the thriller series. Reddington is a high-profile criminal on the FBI’s most wanted list who becomes a confidential FBI informant. In exchange for immunity, Reddington provides information on various dangerous blacklisted criminals, but the only caveat is that he only works with new FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). An unusual team finds themselves hunting down highly dangerous global criminals and uncovering a world of dilemmas.

the blacklist-season-8 finale
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Starring Spader, this, Diego Clattenhoff and Harry Lennix became the most beloved characters over the years. The cast and crew have created an adventurous storyline in which fans often encounter unimaginable surprises that “scratch the brain like eggs.” Spader has played Reddington so well over the past decade that he has become America’s favorite criminal.

Fans will finally say goodbye to their favorite criminals as the series wraps up this spring. After taking down various bad guys alongside the FBI, they all find themselves in an awkward situation as the Blacklisters finally face Reddington’s treachery.

Created by John Bokenkampthe series debuted in 2013 and will now end in 2023. with Bokenkamp serving as executive producer. John Eisendrath, John Davis and John Fox. Black list Won a 2014 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama, Miniseries or Movie. The TV series also received two Golden Globe Awards, two People’s Choice Awards and more than 25 other award nominations.

Get ready for the ultimate wild ride with Black list Season 10 premieres Sunday, February 26 at 10/9c on NBC and Peacock. Watch a sneak peek of Reddington’s latest chapter below: